Testauksessa: Arboretum

Nätti korttipeli, jossa on 80 korttia: 10 puulajia, jokaisesta kahdeksan korttia numeroituna ykkösestä kasiin. Jokaisella vuorolla nostetaan kaksi korttia joko yhteisen nostopakan päältä, tai sitten jonkun pelaajan poistopakasta, jossa kortit ovat kuvapuoli ylöspäin. Yksi kortti isketään pöytään, toinen omaan poistopinoon. Kädessä on lopuksi kahdeksan korttia.

Pöydällä olevista korteista pyritään muodostamaan pelaajakohtainen verkosto, jossa ortogonaalisesti voi jäljittää puiden polkuja kasvavassa numerojärjestyksessä. Samanlajisen puun pienin ja suurin kortti määrittävät sen lajin polun. Jokaisesta polulla olevasta kortista saa pisteen – tuplapisteet, jos polulla kaikki ovat samaa lajia. +1 piste, mikäli polku alkaa ykkösestä, +2 mikäli se loppuu kahdeksikkoon.

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Testauksessa: Kemet

Sotaisaa menoa muinaisegyptissä!

Pelaajien korteilla on jumalat eli pitäisikö siitä päätellä, että eri kultistit palvovat omia jumaliaan ja yrittävät saada toisiaan päiviltä. Vallataan temppeleitä, manataan pöytään hienosti figutettuja hirviöitä (jättikärme, skarabee, sfinksi, jne.).

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2018 in gaming (for me)

It’s time to reflect upon this year.

2018 was a bit of a game changer (pun intended). I made a conscious decision to avoid roleplaying since I had felt a major burnout on that subject. I have been roleplaying for about 25 years so it is a big part of who I am and how I perceive myself. And I have to admit that taking that break has been one of the best ideas I have ever had.

Since roleplaying has been my main way to see my friends I felt that I wanted to fill in that void. And luckily our Guild has a vast number of players willing to play different games.

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Holiday Gift Guide 2018

I could have sworn we have done this numerous times before but all I could find was the Guide from 2014…  Oh well! Here come the recommendations for this year’s holiday season!

(By the way – those recommendations by Aki? They are still relevant. As are the Top 5 Boardgames I listed in February.)

This year I have been working in my local gaming store Puolenkuun Pelit (Tampere) and have quite a bit better grasp of thing I would like to recommend for holiday gifts. I have a few absolute favorites so let’s get them out of the way first. Continue reading

Trying Out: Shadespire

Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire is a newish game by Games Workshop. It was released at the end of 2017 and I noticed it only after buying the Sepulchral Guard for just painting skeletons.

In this post I’ll be discussing my views of the game and how I experienced it while playing. Spoiler alert: I love the game.

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Lauri’s Top 5 Boardgame Recommendations

Since it has been little over a year since I rediscovered my love for boardgames I decided to list my Top 5 of boardgames. This list consists of only newer games without the advantage of nostalgia and isn’t limited to only games with an actual board.

Lets get started then!

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Learn 2 Play Kangasala, 2017

Last week I happened to visit Kangasala Public Library and spotted an interesting poster – a local gaming event I hadn’t even heard of! Naturally I had to visit it and I’m really glad I did. Learn 2 Play Kangasala proved to be a great event with surprising amount of things going on.

The actual event took place during the weekend but I only had time to participate during Sunday. As it was local I decided to take my 7-year old son with me. Gentle guidance to great hobbies. You know the deal. Continue reading

Trying Out: Eldritch Horror

Last Solstice I had the uttermost pleasure to finally have a group of friends with me to play some games influenced by the Mythos.

Since I hadn’t had the chance to try out Eldritch Horror before this I convinced the group to play that particular game. And it was as good as I had expected.

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Ropecon 2016 – Weekend at Ropecon


This gallery contains 47 photos.

Here is the gallery for random photos I took at Ropecon 2016. As always if you find an image of yourself you do not wish to see online, let me know and I either remove the picture or blur you out … Continue reading

Ropecon 2015 Miniature Gaming

Here is the gallery for miniatures and war gaming I took at Ropecon 2015. As always if you find an image of yourself you do not wish to see online, let me know and I either remove the picture or blur you out (if you are on the background).

Big thanks for all who let me take their picture!

If you like to use these in social media, feel free. I’d appreciate if you give me credit and if you care to drop a link here it would be awesome! If you want your own picture in bigger size contact me and I can send it to you (with even some retouching if I find the time).

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