RPG Adventures and Scenarios

The Bell End Saga
For tremulus

The Bell End by Aki Vainio
The Bell End 2 by Lauri Maijala
The Bell End 3 by Aki Vainio
The Bell End 4 by Aki Vainio

RopeCon 2014 Scenario Contest Winner
System independent

Elämäni supersankarina by Aki Vainio (in English: MyLifeasaSuperhero) (.pdf)

cover_webCairn of Gore – The party is asked to help a villagers get rid of a curse turning their people into blood crazed maniacs. The adventurers track down the  curse into a natural cave under a cyclopean boulder, where a pack of werewolves have awakened the spirit of a long dead marauder. (Dungeon World)

DOWNLOAD CAIRN OF GORE (pdf) (Updated: 26.10.2016)

fata_capuam_500pxFATA CAPUAM – Now it is the time for the annual festival to celebrate the defeat of Spartacus, and the House of Cassius is hosting a grand feast. Word on the street is that all fights will be to the death.

But surely the gladiators cannot rise into a rebellion again. Right? RIGHT? (Fiasco)


insanitycoverInsanity in the Time of Rome – The barbarians are the the gates of Rome, the end of the civilization is here. But not for those few selected men and women that get to participate in the last dashing orgy held at a remote villa. It’s a good thing that nobody is going to summon the Great Old Ones back to Earth. (Archipelago)


Heart of Dream – With a rising, award-winning director with a vision, an excellent script and plenty of funding, from both various public institutions and wealthy investors, the movie was going to be the biggest, most talked about since Star Wars. Things didn’t go quite as planned… (Fiasco)


lastshiftcoverwebLast Shift – It’s the last shift before the bank comes in to close the doors of Coalfell Christmas ornament factory. The mood is grim, as the last deliveries are being prepared. Some hold on to some desperate hope, some are looking forward to drowning their sorrows in booze. Gladly, no-one is about to do something rash. (Fiasco)


washyoursins_cover_rpggeekWash Your Sins – A group of Finnish soldiers returning from yet another Russo-Swedish War in the late 1500s stumble into a village that isn’t on the maps. Originally settled by pilgrims, who believed the local spring had the ability to clean them of their sins, the village is now occupied by people with very dark pasts. (Fiasco)



Markov chains and a couple of name lists

PHP-code. Note: you’ll have to change the name of the file used in the ‘markov-statistics.php’-file.


PHP-code. Note: Seed is set as 1. Either change that or comment the line out if you want to see anything other than this version of the map.

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