My Leftist Take on Strixhaven as a Setting

I don’t actually know if I would be considered leftist by most, because my views don’t necessarily coincide with those of the stereotypical left leaning people. On the other hand, leftist thinking is also often misunderstood (also often on purpose), so maybe I am, maybe not, but here we go anyhow. Political compasses tend to place me in the lower left side somewhere between Pjotr Kropotkin and Emma Goldman. So, I guess I would be considered quite radical.

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EDH Deck Time – Valentin / Lisette

These cards are kind of weird. They are clearly meant to work together, but obviously, you can’t have each side available to you at the same time, so you need figure out how use both sides. I’m not going to do that. Basically, I’m making a horde deck, which tries to grow the creatures though black’s ability to gain life consistently. It is also possible that Valentin is itself a nice plan in certain contexts, where graveyards are well used.

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WotC and Commander

I couldn’t find this discussion, so there is a chance I’m misremembering this, but I think it was around a year ago, when SaffronOlive tweeted something along the lines of WotC not understanding Commander. I believe it was Blake Rasmussen who answered that with the success of the products, they must understand it at least somewhat.

And isn’t that the real problem.

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