AOS Skirmish: CoralHammer, part 1

Having played Age of Sigmar about a year now I decided it was time to write something about it here. And since my latest project is a skirmish environment I’m writing about that.

As with the basic rules of AOS the rules for Skirmish aren’t too burdensome. In fact there are only a handful of rules in addition to the basics of the game. The latest iteration of these rules were published in the January and February issues of White Dwarf 2019. The latest news about Age of Sigmar seem to indicate that there will be a more fleshed out version for skirmish style of game coming this year but currently I will be playing with the rules given in the mentioned issues of White Dwarf.

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Trying Out: Shadespire

Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire is a newish game by Games Workshop. It was released at the end of 2017 and I noticed it only after buying the Sepulchral Guard for just painting skeletons.

In this post I’ll be discussing my views of the game and how I experienced it while playing. Spoiler alert: I love the game.

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Gaming and Happiness

Once again, I might be full of shit, but what I understand, psychologists studying happiness seem to believe that happiness has to be intrinsic (come from within us) to last. However, right now, most of our society seems to be geared towards getting extrinsic (from outside us) happiness.

This might sound like some New Age garbage, but this wasn’t told to us by the universe (at least not personally), but its a real result of real studies.

So, why am I writing about this in a gaming (sometimes comics) blog?

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Building for Mobile Frame Zero

Even though I have not even a planed game in a horizon I have been building mechas for Mobile Frame Zero like a crazy.

From the beginning I decided to build the frames from the rulebook that I could with the pieces I had. I haven’t been building this kind of Legos so I needed to get myself familiar with how the joint work and how to reach the suitable scale.

I also visited my father’s house a couple of days ago and looted the old boxes full of my Legos as well as my brothers. I spend something like a couple of hours going through the vast quantities of old pieces picking everything that seemed interesting and new I would need.

At home I decided to go a bit further. As a miniature player and painter I had something called bits boxes. Boxes full of various bits to use for converting the miniatures. Now I decided to adapt the same system here. I separated brick by colour, function, size and interest. It was a tremendous help.

Searching bricks amongst litters and litters of Legos is an insane task. Especially since most needed parts are small. So even if you would be hoarding Legos from someone else I whole heartedly encourage you to do some organising.

While building the mechas I quickly noticed that my customs were a bit too tall in comparison to those built according to the instructions. While this is in no way a problem it was a bit annoying. Another thing I noticed was that while getting the hang of building mechas was actually quite easy the guns proved to be a bit more difficult. Most mechas have a limited space for getting a grip of the gun so you need to be really aware of the dimension. Even more than with the frame itself.

Now I have a mixed group of mechas ready for some action. Hopefully we’ll get into the playing at some point. I would like to test the rules as they seem simple and flexible enough to interest me. And naturally I would like to now if I should order more pieces online…

Building Legos or How I Stopped Worrying And Ordered Pieces Online

This spaceship started the madness.

This spaceship started the madness.

“Hey son, lets play with Legos! Or to be precise keep doing whatever you are doing and let me build small shit that can’t even be used by minifigs.”

That might have been a conversion I could have went through yesterday with my four years old son. Luckily it wasn’t. Like a great dad I masked my obsessive building under the guise of playing with my son… Thanks internet for that too. Continue reading

Stripping Paint


Jar full of Mäntysuopa and minis

After a couple of month of thinking about cleaning my “man cave” (actually a closet with all of my hobby stuff) I finally took the bull by the horns and did it yesterday. Amongst other surprises I found a jar full of soap and babbitt miniatures. Though I haven’t been painting in ages I was curious to see how well did this kind of soaking effect the paints.

I have to admit I have done this before and with various different methods but this was by far the most successful. Anyone who has been painting miniatures is most likely familiar with the need of stripping the paint away at some point. At the latest it becomes an issue when buying used minis from eBay or similar sites for Oldhammer or just to get more variated minis.

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Painting for pleasure

Since moving to our new apartment I have had a small room (well, closet to be precise) for painting. After a few years of hiatus I started pretty eagerly with painting again and even posted a couple of ramblings about paints and what I had done. It all died pretty quickly as I am not easily pleased with my own painting. And then there was the unfortunate loss of inspiration with WFRP…

But after that I have every now and then painted something. And it has been relaxing. No pressure on painting large armies to battle with. No campaign to paint perfect minis for. Just using some random models from the vast collections I have hoarded over the years.  Continue reading

Getting Technical

What? It is almost three weeks since I wrote about getting back to painting. I have been meaning to write a follow-up post since. It seems that I should get cracking on it right now.

In the last miniature painting post I said that I was excited to try out the new technical paints from Games Workshop. And I was right to be as my first impressions from them have been really positive. Once I managed to get them I have found it hard to not to use them.

The paints I did try out. Note that Ryza Rust is NOT a technical paint.

The paints I did try out. Note that Ryza Rust is NOT a technical paint.

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The End of White Dwarf?

Disclaimer: I’m talking mainly from the point-of-view of a Fantasy Battle player as I have no experience with 40K or the LotR-games.

Since I just recently got back in the game with the miniature painting the “news” about the end of White Dwarf Magazine (by Games Workshop) were quite interesting. I say it’s still “news” as no official status has been given on this. While speculation is usually on Aki’s field at this blog I decided to give it a crack this time.

The White Dwarf magazine started out as a roleplaying magazine with adventures, monsters etc. Over the years it changed until it reached its “final form” and became solely the magazine for Games Workshop’s miniature games. (For further information on the background check for example the wikipage).

Over the years I have read a lot of critical comments on the magazine. A lot of people are blaming it to be only a fancy catalog of models with no real gaming value. I think I still have some old issues with expanded rules for Mordheim stashed somewhere but I can concure that the most recent years it has been just that.

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Getting Back to Painting


Once upon a time I was an active Warhammer Fantasy Battle player and even more active with painting and converting minis. I have been away from the hobby for a couple of years and with the new Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay campaign ahead I decided to do some minis for the game.

What did not surprise me when I went to get new paints was that they were in fact new. Out with the shades and familiar names, in with a completely new range of colors and types of paints. Though they are again named with overcomplicated names they were not too different from what I had used to deal with.

Base colors are apparently what was called Foundation a couple of years ago and Shades have replaced Washes. Regular colors are now called Layers and then there are couple of new comers (at least for me). Continue reading