Lauri’s Top 5 Boardgame Recommendations

Since it has been little over a year since I rediscovered my love for boardgames I decided to list my Top 5 of boardgames. This list consists of only newer games without the advantage of nostalgia and isn’t limited to only games with an actual board.

Lets get started then!

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Ropecon 2017 -suositukset

Palasin juuri lomalta Kanadasta, joten en ole tätä ehtinyt tehdä, enkä ole itse asiassa tänä vuonna osallistumassakaan (ainakaan tällä tietoa), joten en ole hirveästi asiaa tutkinut, mutta en halunnut jättää tätä tekemättä (ja tätä itse asiassa vähän kyseltiinkin), joten tässä on: Tämän vuoden Ropecon-pöytäropesuositukset.

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Ropecon 2016 – Last Thoughts Before Tomorrow

This year’s Ropecon starts tomorrow. This means a weekend of gaming, making new friends (and enemies) and a lot of weird events. This year might be even weirder since nobody knows how the new location will work out. Will it be so good that Ropecon enters a new renessaince or will it fall to chaos? We’ll just have to witness it ME!


Here are a few last things to remember:

  • If you are not sure what games you should try, check out our recommendations.
  • This is a new location for the organizers as well; ask them about what you want to know but let them make mistakes.
  • Try a game you haven’t tried before. This is the main reason I go to Ropecon. It is an excellent chance to have a go with a new system or game.
  • At least consider larping. It isn’t for all but it is certainly something every should at least try.
  • Make the most of it! Ropecon is only once a year!
  • Follow this blog and our Instagram for updates, photos and first hand experiences.

Lastly I would like to (once again) remind you that if you need a photographer for your games or cosplay (etc.) don’t hesitate to find me or contact me. My time tables are flexible and if I’m not at the middle of a game I’m more than willing to take even more photos.

Great gaming for everyone!

Ropecon, Here We Are

We arrived to Ropecon yesterday. The Sun is shining and it’s almost warm. There are a lot of people but the overall feeling seems to be more mellow than during last year. I managed to get into the Dread game I had hoped for and today my schedule is to be worked around the fact that I get to play Fall of Magic with Jason Morningstar. It is turning out the be an excellent Ropecon, again.

A word about the photographs

I took some photos yesterday and will be taking them through all Ropecon. If you received a calling card that led you to this page I’m grateful for letting me took your picture! I will try to publish some preliminary photos during this weekend but will work on them and publish a gallery as soon as possible. If you don’t see your own photos yet, do not worry. I simply cannot find the time to work on them during the Con. The photos that are published during this weekend can be seen at our Instagram account:


First cosplay photo from Ropecon 2015! #ropecon2015 #ropecon #cosplay #commandandconquer #brotherhoodofnod #nod #brotherhood

Kuva, jonka Guild Redemund (@guildredemund) julkaisi


A word about our gaming recommendations

We glued some stickers to the gaming sheets. This is mostly done to encourage players to participate into games that have either an entertaining system that you really should try out or that are run by GMs we have played with and can thus recommend as excellent choices as Con-GMs. The games we are recommending can HERE and the most excellent of games, ran by VilleAki and Harri, can be found HERE.

So have a nice Ropecon and give us a word if you happen to see us!