GuildBlog is mainly a blog about gaming. RPGs, card games, board games, console/PC games, mind games we got it all.

As all of the writers are Finnish the language used on this blog is either English or Finnish. Sorry for the inconvenience and the unavoidable lack of perfect English from most writers.

Disclaimer: This blog will present the individual ideas of a few writers and should not be confused to be an official part of anything.

REDEMUND’S GUILD (Redemundin kilta)

Redemund’s Guild is a non-organized collective of Finnish nerds. Our seat of power is located at Tampere, but we have heavy influence in Pori too as well as other minor cities (such as Helsinki). And one of us decided to go live in Lahti as well…


Lauri Maijala

Host of The Daily Empire, Eldritch Sigils, wanna-be game designer, casualist MtG/EDH player, GM (and occasionally roleplayer), and a father.

Aki Vainio (MustaJumala)

Professional nerd, a teacher in higher education (mostly business-related IT), former entrepreneur with some stakes in some businesses. Plays whatever he can, although his current location is not very conducive to playing the games he would like, so he vents his ideas on this blog instead. Has high interest in games as a teaching tool (though not necessarily as gamification) and in the way they are designed. Doesn’t really have ADHD or any form of autism (as far as anyone knows). Also, the one who lives in Lahti.

Ville Halonen (Halski)

Guild’s new-game-finder (“Have you heard of this game?”).

Harri Hursti (harkkari)

Miniature game enthusiast and the official head master of Guild’s Pori division.

Viljami Vaskonen (viljami)

Graphic novel author, roleplayer, political activist, father and currently the sole member of Guild’s Joensuu division.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Some of you folks cosplay, right? We’re looking to put together a feature on amazing hairstyles, and we would like to get some pictures and a bio. We are going to publish it on our site (blog launch). Get back to me if you have something you would like to share.

    • I have considered cosplaying Frank West (from the Dead Rising) but mainly only because I could just take photos at the same time. Also, I’m bald by choice so my amazing hairstyle is not that amazing…

      Thank you for the interest though! One of our guild members is indeed a hair model, goes to larps and occasionally cosplays. I can ask her if she has any interest on this.

      Other than that I cannot really help since I just like to take photos of cosplayers and I really REALLY much doubt that the other writers here have any more interest in it.

    • Sorry, they are still there, just unsearchable. Still, if it isn’t too much trouble, I’d like to leave my name out from this page.

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