This Soon? Once More With the Ten Non-RPG Books for the GM (and I doubt this will be the last one)

All of them previous ones.

Sixth (the Finnish edition)

Note: My touchpad is acting up weirdly, which causes the cursor to sometimes jump, which means that as I’m writing, I’m suddenly adding characters to somewhere I didn’t mean to. So, if there’s weird words somewhere, this might be the reason.

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Mandatory Performative Pride Month Post 2024 Edition: Weird combination of Roxana Shirazi, Simon Fujiwara, Elisarion and Borderlands

Caveat: While I try not to center myself here, as Pride is definitely not about me, I can’t but contrast certain things to myself. After all, everyone has to experience the world through their own eyes, even if we know and understand that we are not the main character outside of our own lives. So, sorry to bring myself up so many times in the text below. I just couldn’t process this any other way. That’s on me. But hopefully I do manage to talk about something interesting here.

Last year I wrote about the Sexuality in Borderlands. The thing is that in many ways sexuality, as we know it, doesn’t actually exist in Borderlands.

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Someone Figured Out How Brawl Decks Are Weighted

This is actually pretty cool. About 15 hours ago someone got a notification that their Brawl deck was invalid. So, they checked the logs and found that it was actually listed as being weighted well below 0 and the system would check that the deck needed to be at least 0. Then jsut 8 hours later, there’s now a complete list of all the weights. Links to the Reddit threads here and here respectively.

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