EDH Deck Time: Araumi of the Dead Tide

Feels weird that this is uncommon as it seems very powerful and interesting to build around. I could easily see this as a mythic. I guess the requirement for three cards to exile makes this somewhat clunky, but potential is definitely there.

Going back to the early days of this blog, I wrote about Mulldrifters and Baneslayers. The key here is that I want to play Mulldrifters with this commander. Since I enjoy Mulldrifters more anyhow, this works nicely for me. As a bonus, we have also being getting more and more creatures with death triggers since the time I wrote that article, which gives me quite a few interesting new options.

My favorite style of playing is mid-rangish games with a lot of decisions, so my choices will reflect that: interaction, card draw and some weird effects thrown in to make all of this more interesting. You could go more combo with this by self-milling and maybe using cards such as [scryfall]Intruder Alarm[/scryfall] or [scryfall]Fatestitcher[/scryfall]. That’s not for me though.

Blue and black are also the colors that do this best, at least historically, going all the way back to [scryfall]Man-o’-War[/scryfall] and [scryfall]Nekrataal[/scryfall] in Visions. I’ll put those two in the deck just for historical reasons although [scryfall]Man-o’-War[/scryfall] is also an excellent addition to the deck in all it’s flexibility, while [scryfall]Nekrataal[/scryfall] has fallen off somewhat over the years. Let’s start with that an all it’s children.

Let’s throw in some discard.

Moving on to blue, how about those bouncers.

Let’s draw some cards as well or gain other card advantage:

Gonti and Atris don’t work very well here, because of the legendary status, but I do like the cards and the unique effects. Getting to do that three times is just fun.

Since most of our creatures do something upon entering the battlefield, flickering would be a good idea.


Since the curve of this deck is so high, I decided to cut some of the more expensive cards, but listed them here as options:

You should round this out with 40 lands, some of which should be double-faced. The deck does have plenty of draw, so 40 should be enough. The deck doesn’t actually ramp, so that might be a weakness in many metas. That won’t be the only problem with the deck. It’s also weak to certain card types, is very weak to grave hate and so forth, but at least it’s resilient against sweepers.

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