On Being a Nerd

I was out walking today. The total time I was out was about an hour and a half, maybe a little bit more. I didn’t actually get that much walking done (although, I walked enough), because I stopped several times to make notes on a problem I’ve been thinking about lately.

Its of the mathematical kind. Its nothing important and someone who does this more regularly would probably come up with a solution pretty quickly, but I still haven’t found one that satisfies me.

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Gaming and Happiness

Once again, I might be full of shit, but what I understand, psychologists studying happiness seem to believe that happiness has to be intrinsic (come from within us) to last. However, right now, most of our society seems to be geared towards getting extrinsic (from outside us) happiness.

This might sound like some New Age garbage, but this wasn’t told to us by the universe (at least not personally), but its a real result of real studies.

So, why am I writing about this in a gaming (sometimes comics) blog?

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