Testing a House Rule for D&D from Almost 30 Years Ago

Here’s why: I was trying to fix a problem with a plugin on this site and there seems to be a cache I can’t figure out, which stops me from doing what I want to do. So, just to get out of that frustrated mindset I decided to do some other light coding instead. For some reason, I had also been thinking about this rule we had in our D&D games back in early 90s, so why not combine these two?

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Is Magic: the Gathering Scaled Properly?

When [card]Stone Rain[/card] cost 2R it was too strong. It hasn’t been reprinted in quite a while. On the other hand, [card]Demolish[/card] costs 3R and despite being reprinted quite a few times, it has never really seen much play (although I do regard it as a pretty good sideboard card in certain formats). That one mana extra mana just seems to be too much. The sweet spot for this effect would probably be somewhere in between.

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New Fiasco Playset – Heart of Dreams

Heart of Dreams is the fourth Fiasco playset created on our Guild’s forum. It started out as a small idea for a oneshot but quickly evolved to a playset for Fiasco. This time only Aki and I participated in this but I still think it tops our previous playsets.

You can download the playset HERE or from the Resources page where you can also find the previous playsets.

Heart of DreamsWith a rising, award-winning director with a vision, an excellent script and plenty of funding, from both various public institutions and wealthy investors, the movie was going to be the biggest, most talked about since Star Wars.

Things didn’t go quite as planned.¬†

The director insisted on a remote location for the shoot based on some half-spoken dream. He always seems to get mad when anyone brings it up. The conditions are horrible. Weather is a problem on most days and the shoot is over a year behind. Tensions are high, because there seems to be no end to this. The director and the star have been on each others throats for months, but most of the crew just wants to get by day to day.

As always we hope that you have good time playing something we have created!

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