Building Legos or How I Stopped Worrying And Ordered Pieces Online

This spaceship started the madness.

This spaceship started the madness.

“Hey son, lets play with Legos! Or to be precise keep doing whatever you are doing and let me build small shit that can’t even be used by minifigs.”

That might have been a conversion I could have went through yesterday with my four years old son. Luckily it wasn’t. Like a great dad I masked my obsessive building under the guise of playing with my son… Thanks internet for that too.

For a reason I have already forgotten I built a mini spacecraft yesterday morning. It was all downhill from there.

Now if you haven’t been playing with Lego for a while you might have some fond memories of building gigantic castles and spaceships for epic fight. Something all roleplayers can happily relate to. But if you have been building/playing with them in recent times you are more or less familiar with the “WHERE IS THAT GODDAMN PIECE I SAW JUST A SECOND AGO!”-phenomenon that is almost as famous as the threaded curse of “may you step on a Lego”.

Try find a flat 1x1 from that.

Try find a flat 1×1 from that.

While searching the giant box for suitable pieces for the spaceship I quickly noticed that it was pretty difficult. I seem to remember that as a child I usually used the most suitable piece and did not furiously search for “the right one”. Yes, I did have less Legos back then but I think my uptightness has not decreased over the years. So I poured the pieces to different boxes and used a couple of hours to dig through one of them separating the things I thought I would use.

It was fun! I have been building with my son and collecting minifigs for a couple of years now but this was something a miniature painter and convertor in me enjoyed. So I posted few pics on our forum and on my Instragram account.

As a player familiar with Vincent Baker‘s work and a follower of his Google+ account I was vaguely informed about the existence of Mobile Frame Zero he wrote with Joshua A.C. Newman. I know I could have been pretty happy with building just those miniships but I just to check that out didn’t I?

The first thing that occurred to me was that “I can build this”. And as with the million dollar man this was enough for me to do it. But let me be frank with you – if you are not one of those builders who have organised their collections to those small drawers you are going to be send into hell.

Even this did help too much...

Even this did help too much…

Here is the quick guide for building MFZ mechas: Buy the pieces online.

Most of them are pieces that can be bought with microprices. Even if you decide to build a full army of these beasts the sheer amount of time you would be spending going through your unorganised boxes is worth more. After a couple of days with cheating my son I came to this conclusion. In little over two hours I was able to build one mecha and even with that I had to cheat. I just couldn’t find enough correct pieces. Even though I now I have them.

These are the fuckers you need the most. Like a gazillion for one mecha.

These are the fuckers you need the most. Like a gazillion for one mecha.

So with this two day battle report from the frontline of playing room I give to you dire warning. Do not spend your time going through your child’s Legos for this. You’ll be stealing all of his miniparts and end up with incredible stuff you wouldn’t want him/her to play with…

Because they are awesome.

ST-02D Commissar ready for combat

I did manage to create some awesome spaceships though!

edit: I think I need to add that Mobile Frame Zero rulebook gives you great advices of building the mechas and getting the parts for them. I naturally went on building the mobiles before even reading the rules.

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