Shadows over Innistrad, pt. 4 – The Mandatory Monored

Even if you are not planning on playing a monored deck, there’s a strong reason to build such a deck, because you are going to be playing against one. Interestingly enough, I didn’t see any Atarka Reds at GP Paris, but when rotation happens, we are going to be in a situation, where decks are going to need tuning in order to fight the red decks, so red is strong in the beginning.

Here’s two new options:


Falkenrath Gorger is just a 2/1 in this deck. We don’t have other vampires to use the ability, but at least it doesn’t have a downside. Sin Prodder has been a topic of discussion on the net, where pros seem to hate it, with some exceptions. I think its at least worth a try. Its reach, if nothing else.

And then there’s this…


Using Goldnight Castigator means that the manabase has to stretch a bit further than usual, but I’m guessing 22 Mountains is good enough, if we don’t play too many of them.

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