Trying out: Heroica

heroica01As a fortunate accident my father bought an older Lego set from a closing sale and brought it to my son. He believed to have bought a regular castle with some minifigs but instead he had bought Heroica – Castle Fortaan. In essence it is a dungeon bashing “board” game that follows the style of other Lego game (only a few rules and encouraging words to come up with your own). So naturally I had to try it.

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Building for Mobile Frame Zero

Even though I have not even a planed game in a horizon I have been building mechas for Mobile Frame Zero like a crazy.

From the beginningĀ I decided to build the frames from the rulebook that I could with the pieces I had. I haven’t been building this kind of Legos so I needed to get myself familiar with how the joint work and how to reach the suitable scale.

I also visited my father’s house a couple of days ago and looted the old boxes full of my Legos as well as my brothers. I spend something like a couple of hours going through the vast quantities of old pieces picking everything that seemed interesting and new I would need.

At home I decided to go a bit further. As a miniature player and painter I had something called bits boxes. Boxes full of various bits to use for converting the miniatures. Now I decided to adapt the same system here. I separated brick by colour, function, size and interest. It was a tremendous help.

Searching bricks amongst litters and litters of Legos is an insane task. Especially since most needed parts are small. So even if you would be hoarding Legos from someone else I whole heartedly encourage you to do some organising.

While building the mechas I quickly noticed that my customs were a bit too tall in comparison to those built according to the instructions. While this is in no way a problem it was a bit annoying. Another thing I noticed was that while getting the hang of building mechas was actually quite easy the guns proved to be a bit more difficult. Most mechas have a limited space for getting a grip of the gun so you need to be really aware of the dimension. Even more than with the frame itself.

Now I have a mixed group of mechas ready for some action. Hopefully we’ll get into the playing at some point. I would like to test the rules as they seem simple and flexible enough to interest me. And naturally I would like to now if I should order more pieces online…

Building Legos or How I Stopped Worrying And Ordered Pieces Online

This spaceship started the madness.

This spaceship started the madness.

“Hey son, lets play with Legos! Or to be precise keep doing whatever you are doing and let me build small shit that can’t even be used by minifigs.”

That might have been a conversion I could have went through yesterday with my four years old son. Luckily it wasn’t. Like a great dad I masked my obsessive building under the guise of playing with my son… Thanks internet for that too. Continue reading