Painting for pleasure

Since moving to our new apartment I have had a small room (well, closet to be precise) for painting. After a few years of hiatus I started pretty eagerly with painting again and even posted a couple of ramblings about paints and what I had done. It all died pretty quickly as I am not easily pleased with my own painting. And then there was the unfortunate loss of inspiration with WFRP…

But after that I have every now and then painted something. And it has been relaxing. No pressure on painting large armies to battle with. No campaign to paint perfect minis for. Just using some random models from the vast collections I have hoarded over the years. I little while back I read John Finnemore‘s Robin Hood for my three year old son. He has shown some vague interested towards the subject and actually wanted to me to read a couple of chapters (no pictures, which is kind of a big point for a child of that age). So naturally I went straight to my reserves and dug up my robinhoodish mini for Warhammer Fantasy Battle (Bertrand Brigade?).

robinhood_squareIt did not take long to paint this Robin Hood and Monk Tuck is already in the process. Since I also have a lot of woods and ruins (for Mordheim) to be used for gaming I just gave them to my son to play with. He was not exactly as interested in them as I had hoped for but at least he is now interested in painting with me. Get them while they are young, as they say.

In addition to this Robin Hood I have painted the following miniatures. They are all Games Workshop miniatures for Fantasy Battle. Mainly because I have a lot of that kind and am under now interest to spend any more money in buying new minis.

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