WotC and Commander

I couldn’t find this discussion, so there is a chance I’m misremembering this, but I think it was around a year ago, when SaffronOlive tweeted something along the lines of WotC not understanding Commander. I believe it was Blake Rasmussen who answered that with the success of the products, they must understand it at least somewhat.

And isn’t that the real problem.

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Aki Vs. Evil: Krampus – The Unlikely Christmas Classic

If you have an interest in movies in general, you should see this movie. Sure, it’s easy to see as pop culture trash, but it’s also masterful in it’s execution. Just the sound alone is an excellent example of how you really need to take that part of the movie into account, as so much of the mood is just purely built on that.

Now, I am not a big fan of Christmas. In fact, I do try to avoid family gatherings in general, but the importance put on Christmas just feels so awkward and unnecessary.

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