Five More Non-RPG YouTube Channels for the GM

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Weird history rules. Well, here and everywhere else as well. One of the easiest things to make your world feel lived-in and unique is to just take a piece of obscure history and place it in your world, whether its an invention or an actual event or garment or hairstyle. I just find all of this very interesting and it just happens to coincide nicely with RPG hobby.

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Testing a House Rule for D&D from Almost 30 Years Ago

Here’s why: I was trying to fix a problem with a plugin on this site and there seems to be a cache I can’t figure out, which stops me from doing what I want to do. So, just to get out of that frustrated mindset I decided to do some other light coding instead. For some reason, I had also been thinking about this rule we had in our D&D games back in early 90s, so why not combine these two?

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