Oath of the Gatewatch Brews, pt. 7 – Jund

Today’s the release and as currently unemployed, I’ve had the time to think about what to play. The ideas are pretty endless, but the problem is that I won’t have access to everything today, so I’ve used what I have been able to trade for (and I’ll actually get some of the cards I’ve bought later today, because it pays to be close to a professional seller).

So, after a lot of consideration, I decided to have a test run with [scryfall]Goblin Dark-Dwellers[/scryfall].

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Oath of the Gatewatch Brews, pt. 5.5 – Three-Color Colorless

For whatever reason, I find the title funny, because it only makes sense to MtG players.

Anyway, the other day I made a couple of two-colored lists around the devoid mechanic. Later I realized I completely forgot about this card:


… which kind of makes things easier.

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Oath of the Gatewatch Brews, pt. 4 – Bant Value

Just before Christmas, when I was looking for something different to play, I tried out this list in a tournament: U/G Megamorph. I went 2-2. Not very good, but the games I lost were still quite competitive and I think with some practice I may have done better with the deck.

But, here’s a great addition:


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Oath of the Gatewatch Brews, pt. 2 – Five-Color Legends

When [scryfall]Hero’s Blade[/scryfall] was spoiled earlier this year, there was some talk of using it in constructed. Mostly Modern, because of the depth of cheap legends, but somewhat in Standard. The thing is, we did get some great legends this summer…

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