Flavor Hits and Misses from Modern Horizons

As I write this, 188 cards have been previewed. If you are like me and use Mythic Spoilers to follow these, the last card to be previewed as of this writing is [scryfall]Soulherder[/scryfall].

But we are not here right now to talk about the powerlevel or usability of the cards, except when it affects how a card feels. I’m here to talk about how the cards evoke memories of old cards or themes.

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High Price of Modern and It’s Positive Effects

For the record: I do think Modern is too expensive. Jund costs around 2000 dollars and that is prohibitive. I would rather have people being able to play the best deck instead of the best decks being out of their reach, because they can’t afford the cards or are not stupid enough put 2000 dollars into cardboard.

That being said…

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Damnation, or Is There a Price Bubble in MtG Single Cards?

Living in Europe, I have the pleasure of being able to use MagicCardMarket or MCM. Its a nice way to get the single cards you need from a centralized service (and not having to take part in the travesty that is Puca Trade). One of the fun things about the service (pretty much like any good service on in the Internet), you can go through your whole history of purchases.

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This Week in Magic

I usually do not post about Magic the Gathering. Mainly because Aki posts about it. A Lot. And I rarely have anything interesting or worthwhile to say. This week however was a bit different. I had a small vacation (since my son was with his grandparents and my wife was working). So what could I do? Turns out – nothing much but play through various different types of MtG. So this will be my random rambling about different formats.

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Philosophy of Fire: Treasure Cruise vs. Become Immense

This weekend I was at two separate PPTQs. As you can probably guess, [scryfall]Treasure Cruise[/scryfall] was a very popular card (and the bane of my monoblack deck, although I did win plenty of games against them). However, I don’t think its so clear cut that you should be playing it.

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