Kaladesh Brews, pt. 3 (sort of) – GW Angels

So, one of my favorite cards from Eldritch Moon was always [scryfall]Permeating Mass[/scryfall]. Sure, its difficult to use, but you can’t deny its powerful. Actually very powerful. The problem is that its risky. If the Mass gets going, you’ll just lose all your own creatures as well.

Unless, their somehow protected from it. For example, in my EMN Prerelease deck I had a [scryfall]Permeating Mass[/scryfall] and I played it happily, because I also had [scryfall]Voldaren Pariah[/scryfall] and two [scryfall]Ishkanah, Grafwidow[/scryfall]s, who could do damage without having to enter into combat with all that Mass.

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Oath of the Gatewatch Brews, pt. 2 – Five-Color Legends

When [scryfall]Hero’s Blade[/scryfall] was spoiled earlier this year, there was some talk of using it in constructed. Mostly Modern, because of the depth of cheap legends, but somewhat in Standard. The thing is, we did get some great legends this summer…

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