Oath of the Gatewatch Brews, pt. 6 – Prowess

Not enough one-drops for either of these, but what can you do? They can’t really make more Monastery Swiftspears.

The idea here is that OGW brings us several good, cheap spells, some of which are cantrips, such as:


And this might work too:


First, U/R version. I’m going with the classic 20/20/20 approach, which has been proven successful in the past.

But maybe a Jeskai version of the deck, because those art the original Prowess colors, although white is here simply as a splash for Monastery Mentor. Seeker of the Way is another good choice, but that would put more strain on making the white work. Mentors we can save for really late.

Don’t count on my word on the manabase here…

Or, we could be abusing the the fact that we have pretty good black mana in the Izzet version as it is. Actually, we can get a deck pretty close to certain Modern decks this way:

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