Oath of the Gatewatch Brews, pt. 3 – Reckless Bushwhacker

Of course, the cards that really have an impact don’t always need to be the mythics.


This seems pretty good.

Some legal goblins include:

Goblin Glory ChaserGoblin HeelcutterGoblin PiledriverJeering InstigatorLavastep Raider
Mardu ScoutSubterranean Scout


Dragon FodderHordeling Outburst

Not a very good selection, to be fair, but sure, that’s something…

On the other hand, the goblin synergies aren’t there either, so you could just as well just use the better one-drops available, but since I’m brewing and feeling like going to the deeper end here, let’s do just that…

Who can bring us tokens?


So, how about this (awkward mana warning):

So, maybe go another route and forget green in lieu of white:

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