EDH Deck Time: Yahenni

This is possibly so simple that it would border on boring, but what the heck, Terminus isn’t as popular as it used to be due to the new tucking rules, maybe this could do something.

What do we need? Sweepers and ETB-creatures you can sac to Yahenni. Your friends are going to love you.


DamnationCrux of FateMutilateDeadly TempestDeathbringer Regent
Decree of PainDread CacodemonExtinguish All HopeForced MarchHythonia the Cruel
In Garruk’s WakeLife’s FinaleNecromantic SelectionOverwhelming ForcesPlague Wind
Reiver DemonOblivion StoneNevinyrral’s Disk

All of that would completely destroy the curve on this deck, so maybe not go quite this far.

Creatures with ETB-abilities:

Big Game HunterBone ShredderSkinrenderNekrataalCustodi Lich
Dark HatchlingFleshbag MarauderGatekeeper of MalakirGilt-Leaf WinnowerGonti, Lord of Luxury
Grave TitanGravediggerGray Merchant of AsphodelLiliana’s SpecterMassacre Wurm
Merciless ExecutionerNoxious GearhulkOverseer of the DamnedPriest of the Blood RitePuppeteer Clique
Rune-Scarred DemonSepulchral PrimordialShriekmawShrike HarpySidisi, Undead Vizier
Slum Reaper

Sadly, these abilities are pretty one-note in black, which also means the curve will get worse yet again.

Gladly, we have cheap creatures that can self-recur, meaning that they are good fodder for Yahenni:

BloodghastReassembling SkeletonBloodsoaked ChampionBrood of CockroachesNether Traitor
Endless Cockroaches

Maybe Gravecrawler as well, but I’m not sure how many zombies we’ll have.

Other recursion effects and continuous sources of creatures:

Whip of ErebosCorpse DanceOphiomancerBitterblossom

… and finally, to keep the curve low, at least a bit, a bunch of cheap, effective removal:

Ultimate PriceTerrorGo for the ThroatHero’s DemiseHero’s Downfall
MurderRend FleshEyeblight’s Ending

Oh yeah, if things are going to die all the time, we might as well try to benefit from that.

Blood ArtistFalkenrath NobleZulaport CutthroatHarvester of SoulsKothophed, Soul Hoarder

Some cardflow would help as well, so I’ll put in a few of those. There are some already in there, but a few more would be appreciated.

Read the BonesPhyrexian ArenaSmothering Abomination

That’ll do. Not the most effective set, but there we are.

Since the curve is pretty high, I’ll put in some manarocks. I’m not the biggest fan of ramping in general, but in this case we just need it. I’ll even put in a Sol Ring, which I hardly ever do.

Sol RingMind StoneThran DynamoHedron ArchiveWayfarer’s Bauble
Armillary SphereEverflowing Chalice

… 40 lands, which means we’ll have to make quite a few cuts before the final list.

So, the final list would look like this:

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