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Ropecon is a bit early this year. I’ve grown accustomed to it taking place in July but this year it is only a few weeks from now. Even though I have known it for quite a some time I only recently became aware that we have to get ready for it sooner. I actually managed to get one of the last rooms from the hotel nearby but not all members of our proud Guild have been so lucky.

These are up for sale. If you're interested, contact me at

These are up for sale. If you’re interested, contact me at

As I do not have a limitless bank account I usually have to make some arrangements to fund my visit to Ropecon (and to explain my wife why it doesn’t make a whole in our budget). Usually this means selling a part of my once large collection of roleplaying games, miniatures, board-games etc.

As most of the board-games I could sell at Ropecon are more or less already sold I turned my attention to my Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying game collection. I’m planing on selling most of it though I might save the most essential ones to be able to play it more ex tempore.

As always I’ll be taking a lot of photos. This has grown on me so much that I have actually had several nightmares were I am at Ropecon, it’s Sunday and I’ve totally forgotten to shoot any. Last year I worked quite a lot on this angle and even managed to learn a couple of things to improve this years input.

If you want to appear on our Instagram feed or on this page please contact me at:

Another thing I will be doing (again) this year is trying out new things and games. Last year I won the Guild’s Sumo Tournament (well, this Blog’s Sumo Tournament to be more precise) and managed to sneak in into a lot of new games. Hopefully this years RPG-scene will be more diverse and the GMs as great as earlier.

Aki is quite likely taking part to the scenario writing contest (which he won last year). I’ll try to participate too but will most likely forget about it. Again.

If some of our readers are coming to Ropecon this year I would be interesting to meet you there. You will most likely recognize us from matching t-shirts. Or matching 30+, over-weighted and over-loud company.

If you want to know what happened last year you can find all our post about the Finnish RPG Convention HERE. And if you want a quick look about the photos of Ropecon 2014:

3 thoughts on “Getting Ready for Ropecon – Lauri

  1. I’m definitely there and will run two RPG’s: one Call of Cthulhu and one Dungeons & Dragons (5th) – the latter will be a deadly dungeon crawl. See you there! :)

  2. Sounds good! Haven’t had the chance to try out D&D Next yet (I’m sticking to that term for quiz reasons) so that could be interesting. And more Cthulhu is always welcome.

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