Ropecon 2015 games ran by Redemund’s Guild

Our recommendations for the rest of the games

There are an awful lot of games ran by our guild members this year:

Night Witches
Fri 16:00 – Fri 18:00, Paikka: Sali 23 
Ville is going to GM the new Night Witches, the military/social game designed by one of the speakers, Jason Morgninstar. If I couldn’t force Ville to ran this to us outside Ropecon I would definitely reserve a spot on this. Uses AWengine. Also ran at: Fri 18:00- Fri 20:00; Sat 10:00 – Sat 12:00; Sat 16:00 – Sat 18:00

tremulus – The Bell End
Fri 16:00 – Fri 20:00, Sali 24
As I have already played this I can guarantee good times. It’s a horror game though and getting into the mood in a room full of people can be hard. I think it helps to know that this game is ran by Aki and that your character is quite likely to die. Uses AWengine.

In Media Res
Fri 18:00 – Fri 20:00, Sali 24
A classic of Ropecon. You get to play interesting characters in a defined environment. Definitely bloody and disturbing. The second best convention scenario for Call of Cthulhu. HINT: It’s PvP. Also ran at: Sat 14:00 – Sat 16:00; Sat 16:00 – Sat 18:00; Sat 18:00 – Sat 20:00

Lady Blackbird
Fri 20:00 – Sat 00:00 : Sali 23
Lady Blackbird is without a doubt the game that started the oneshot boost in our gaming circles. It is an excellent game that encourages players to act and play their characters. It is almost too fun to mess around and tends to end prematurely. Ran by Aki.

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