From Kickstarter: Loot

9c551d727b15f475c09a3c7ab821a45f_originalWhile browsing our IG feed I came across an card pack that looked interesting – it featured a magic sword with stats and art. Since I was brewing a new Dungeon World campaign (more about that later) it sparked my interested and found out it was a part of a Kickstarter campaign. Since we have been occasionally discussing with Aki and Ville about occasionally reviewing Kickstarters I thought this would be a great place to start.

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Review: A Dozen Dungeons by Miska Fredman

adozendungeons_cover_thumbnailLast November I stumbled on Miska Fredman‘s Instagram account and noticed he was drawing maps with #Mapvember. I got hooked. I even draw some maps myself too and Aki wrote about automated map generation.

Since then Miska has gone on Patreon and is drawing maps in addition to his job as the founder of Ironspine (Finnish rpg publisher). It seems like his map drawing has really paid off. At the end of August he published a neat booklet called A Dozen Dungeons (link to DriveThruRPG).

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Ropecon 2016 – Last Thoughts Before Tomorrow

This year’s Ropecon starts tomorrow. This means a weekend of gaming, making new friends (and enemies) and a lot of weird events. This year might be even weirder since nobody knows how the new location will work out. Will it be so good that Ropecon enters a new renessaince or will it fall to chaos? We’ll just have to witness it ME!


Here are a few last things to remember:

  • If you are not sure what games you should try, check out our recommendations.
  • This is a new location for the organizers as well; ask them about what you want to know but let them make mistakes.
  • Try a game you haven’t tried before. This is the main reason I go to Ropecon. It is an excellent chance to have a go with a new system or game.
  • At least consider larping. It isn’t for all but it is certainly something every should at least try.
  • Make the most of it! Ropecon is only once a year!
  • Follow this blog and our Instagram for updates, photos and first hand experiences.

Lastly I would like to (once again) remind you that if you need a photographer for your games or cosplay (etc.) don’t hesitate to find me or contact me. My time tables are flexible and if I’m not at the middle of a game I’m more than willing to take even more photos.

Great gaming for everyone!

Chaos & Order – Ropecon 2016

cosplay21This year’s Ropecon is getting closer and closer. And with it our speculations about the whole shenanigan grow wilder and wilder. For Ropecon has found a new location at Messukeskus Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre and older visitors that have grown accustomed to Dipoli will have to brave the wilds and dare to enter this new environment.

It will be interesting to see how the change of scenery affects the whole experience. I really liked the outdoor possibilities around Dipoli but I’m also willing to give Messukeskus a chance. It’s most likely be an experience heavily influenced with the chaos and order theme. Some people know what is going on and they’ll have to work really hard to establish order.

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Trying Out: Easy Roller Dice

While browsing Instagram for new things to follow I accidentally stumbled on a picture of metallic dice. As I have mentioned before I consider myself both – a dice-enthusiast and an “instrument athlete”, I was immediately intrigued by them. They were kind enough to send me a sample for review. So here we go! Trying Out: Easy Roller Dice!

Disclaimer: In all fairness I have to admit that I contacted the store and asked them if they were willing to send me some dice for review. And they did. So in my books they are awesome in any case! But this does not mean that you should howl them for dice. Keep ’em in business by supporting them and/or take part to their giveaways.

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Getting Ready for Ropecon – Lauri

Ropecon is a bit early this year. I’ve grown accustomed to it taking place in July but this year it is only a few weeks from now. Even though I have known it for quite a some time I only recently became aware that we have to get ready for it sooner. I actually managed to get one of the last rooms from the hotel nearby but not all members of our proud Guild have been so lucky.

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Getting Ready for Ropecon 2014

Tomorrow I will get into a car full of nerds and drive from Tampere to Helsinki for Ropecon 2014 (click here for English). Luckily this time we will have air conditioning. Though in my mind Ropecon is the biggest roleplaying convention in Finland there actually is a lot of other stuff going on there too. Panels, dancing, workshops and various other kinds of games fill up the weekend quite nicely.

This is the third time we are participating and the seconded time we are going in as media. Or actually this year we get the marvellous chance to pay for telling people how awesome Ropecon is. No media passes for the Redemund’s Guild this year does not mean that we are pissed (well, actually it does) and it will not influence our reporting (at least hopefully it will not).

Aki will be running some games (Hillfolk and tremulus) and I will be running from a game to game with my camera. So you can expect photos as well as blogging – hopefully at least some from the premises.

I actually even started a new Instagram account for our Guild. You can follow it HERE to see what is going on. Galleries will follow as soon as I get them edited. So I you have met me during the event I have handed you a calling card directing you here – the pictures will come sooner or later.

As a disclaimer I will add that if you see a picture of yourself and you do not wish it to be visible please contact me and I’ll remove it immediately. I will ask permission for posting the pictures in person but sometimes there can be a mixup. If you want a picture in larger quality for yourself, feel free to ask me for it.

Hopefully everyone will have good time at Ropecon!

Note: If you are coming to Ropecon drop us a comment and we will glad to introduce you to the event and help you in (mostly) any way.