Ropecon 2015 Recommendations

A separate page for games run by members of the Guild – Highly recommended.

Last year we listed the games that seemed to be most interesting. This year we do it again. This is in no way a comprehensive list for all possible games and events – that you can find here or here (in English). This just the The List according to my own preferences.


Any time a description says the game uses a modified version of known system, its not automatically out, but almost. I don’t see how any changes could make the experience better, when you are sacrificing possible previous knowledge of the system for possible small advances with the system, you are shooting yourself in the foot. You might have very good reasons for your changes, but those will almost never outweight the opportunity cost presented by losing prior understanding of the system by players.

Also, if I know the system, and the description of the game is somehow contrary to the system, I can’t recommend it. For example, Savage Worlds is clearly designed for fast-paced, tactical combat. If you are using it for something else, you really should expand your knowledge of games. Sure, you can do anything with any game, but that’s not a good reasoning. Sure, I can split a board in two with a hammer, but its much neater to use a saw. Right tool for the right job.

Lauri’s Recommendations

As with Aki’s recommendations last year these are all the games I would attend, if I could:


Every day at Käpyaula: 15.00-21.00

These were one of the best things in last year’s Ropecon to me. Nice little exercise to get your character juices on. There was always a game “just beginning” at Käpyaula and it really made up for the fact that there wasn’t as many interesting longer sessions.

Dread – Aphroditen hedelmät
Fri 18:00 – Fri 21:00 Sali 24
Last year I tried out Dread and it was immensely fun game. It’s run again by Timo Korkama so I’ll definitely try to make it to this game! The Dread mechanic is a something completely different and the approach to the characters make it really intriguing. And hopefully Timo took the hint last year and won’t go so easy on the characters. Also ran at Sun 11:00 – Sun 14:00.

Trail of Cthulhu – Vuorten varjoissa
Fri 20:00 – Sat 01:00, Luolamies
I haven’t actually tried the Trail of Cthulhu system yet. As it is praised constantly as an excellent system for Cthulhu I think I need to try it out. Also ran at: Sat 10:00-15:00

Fri 20:00 – Sat 00:00, Sali 21
Cyberpunk 2020 is a game that defined my whole roleplaying generation. For years we have been talking that there needs to be a Cyberpunk game at Ropecon. Preferably about solos. This is about boosters which is the next best thing. Who wouldn’t want to shoot out the left leg (or arm, on occasion) from NPCs?

Mouse Guard: Before the snow falls
Sat 10:00 – Sat 14:00, Sali 23
Mouse Guard is one of those games that just isn’t for all. Playing a small mice trying to protect their realm from evil (ie. bigger) creatures in a knightly fashion was just something I had to try out. The game mechanic was really good (simplified version of the Burning Wheel) and backed the story. Wolf runs his games in English if my memory serves me right.

The Planarch Codex: If On A Wintry Plane a Freebooter
Sat 10:00 – Sat 14:00,  Sali 24
This game uses a whacky version of Dungeon World. It is a must for Saturday morning and only thing that can rival with playing Mouse Guard. If you haven’t tried out Dungeon World yet this is the perfect time. Ran in English.

Dungeon World: Pedon suuhun
Sat 10:00 – Sat 14:00, Palaver
The Saturday morning seems to pose a difficult decision between great fantasy games. Pedon suuhun sounds just like a good game of classic fantasy and Dungeon World is simply the best game for it.

Fall of magic
Sat 14:00 – Sat 17:00, Käpyaula
This is the only game I’m really aiming for. I need to test this as the concept of playing the scenario of a scroll is such a great one.

Play Fiasco with GoH Jason Morningstar
La 22:00 – Su 01:00, Käpysali
If you want to play Fiasco (or haven’t tried it out yet) this is your chance to play it with its designer. The most important factor here being that since he designed the game he is most likely to still remember the rules at the second night of gaming.

Archipelago: Love in the time of Khvareneh
Su 13:00 – Su 16:00, Käpyaula
I have no other information about this game than what is provided on the official page. But come one. If you haven’t got into any of Mr. Morningstar’s games now might be your time.


Heroes & Villains of Ropecon (Larp)
Sign up: Fri 15.00 – Sat 12.00, Larp-tiski
I haven’t participated in a larp for ages. This is about making super powered people to other con goers and battling them for the control of the premises.

CSI vs. Tosielämän rikostutkinta vol 8 (Lecture)
La 10:00 – La 12:00, Auditorio
I actually sat throught (most of ) this last year. The lecturer talks about real life police work and had limitless patience to answer the endless questions of the listeners.

La 12:00 – La 13:00, Ulkona (outside)
I saw the steel weapon combat as performed by Harmaasudet last year at a different event and it was really entertaining and something you cannot see everyday.

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