EDH Card Spotlight: Dryad Greenseeker

By now, if you play limited, you’ve probably heard what a bomb this is. Ben Stark apparently loves it, Mike Sigrist listed it as the best uncommon in the set and LSV saw a lot of potential at 3.5 out of 5, although I bet that’s changed since this initial rating. LSV also gave it a not insignificant 2.5 in constructed.

But what is this talk about this in Commander?

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From Kickstarter: Loot

9c551d727b15f475c09a3c7ab821a45f_originalWhile browsing our IG feed I came across an card pack that looked interesting – it featured a magic sword with stats and art. Since I was brewing a new Dungeon World campaign (more about that later) it sparked my interested and found out it was a part of a Kickstarter campaign. Since we have been occasionally discussing with Aki and Ville about occasionally reviewing Kickstarters I thought this would be a great place to start.

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My Signature Magic Card

In the Community Super League play-offs a bunch of different formats were played. One of them was a new one, based on the signature cards of the players. Kenji Egashira got [scryfall]Numot, the Devastator[/scryfall], because he’s handle is Numot the Nummy, and Paul Cheon got [scryfall]Empty the Warrens[/scryfall], because the phrase Empty the Cheons somehow came about.

So, it got me thinking. What’s my signature card and how could that even be decided?

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Card Spotlight: Playing Prognostic Sphinx

As a 3/5 flyer with two very good abilities and very good power and toughness (just enough power to fly below [scryfall]Elspeth, Sun’s Champion[/scryfall]’s radar and just enough toughness to block [scryfall]Stormbreath Dragon[/scryfall] without dying), [scryfall]Prognostic Sphinx[/scryfall] has ruled the block constructed season and will probably be a player in Standard in the future as well.

What I wanted to talk about is the difference between scrying for 1 and scrying for 3.

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