Chaos & Order – Ropecon 2016

cosplay21This year’s Ropecon is getting closer and closer. And with it our speculations about the whole shenanigan grow wilder and wilder. For Ropecon has found a new location at Messukeskus Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre and older visitors that have grown accustomed to Dipoli will have to brave the wilds and dare to enter this new environment.

It will be interesting to see how the change of scenery affects the whole experience. I really liked the outdoor possibilities around Dipoli but I’m also willing to give Messukeskus a chance. It’s most likely be an experience heavily influenced with the chaos and order theme. Some people know what is going on and they’ll have to work really hard to establish order.

At this point we do not know a lot about the coming con. Claus Raasted is going to be a guest of honor but since larping hasn’t ever been my thing it is not on my “must see list”. Apart from that we only know about the scenario competition.

Since Aki won the first competition it has become a tradition for us to participate. Apparently things are going to change since there is now some kind of a pre-deadline: you have to send a summary/concept of the adventure to the committee before the actual deadline so that they can make better timetables.

This might actually be a good idea (removing the games that were written at the last moment) or a really bad idea (removing the games that were written at the last moment). As for now I think it might be an unnecessary complication but we’ll just have to see how it plays out.

As for other annual stuff I’ll be taking a lot of photographs during the Con. Some highlights will be published during the Con at our IG account and the galleries are online most likely during Sunday evening (or maybe during Monday after the event). We will also again share our opinions about the most interesting conventional rpg scenarios ran during the Con.

I really hope this year’s Ropecon will be an awesome experience with great games and people!

One last thing – there is so much stuff about Ropecon from past years that it has its own category: HERE.


Some random people having fun!

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