Shadows over Innistrad Brews, pt. 10 – Spirits

The number one reason for this deck is obviously [scryfall]Rattlechains[/scryfall], but its not the only good card. [scryfall]Topplegeist[/scryfall] might require some work, but if it survives, its very strong.


There aren’t that many options for this deck. The only real option from before SOI is probably [scryfall]Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit[/scryfall], but I think SOI brings enough new options to be worth at least brewing this deck.


I might even be persuaded into putting [scryfall]Niblis of Dusk[/scryfall] or [scryfall]Moorland Drifter[/scryfall] into the deck, but I’d rather not. [scryfall]Dimensional Infiltrator[/scryfall] might be another option, but I’ll try to manage without.

[deck title=Spirits]
4 Topplegeist
4 Rattlechains
4 Bygone Bishop
2 Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit
4 Spectral Shepherd
4 Reflector Mage
3 Anchor to the Aether
4 Containment Membrane
4 Grip of the Roil
2 Dispel
3 Send to Sleep
4 Prairie Stream
4 Port Town
4 Evolving Wilds
5 Plains
5 Island

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