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9c551d727b15f475c09a3c7ab821a45f_originalWhile browsing our IG feed I came across an card pack that looked interesting – it featured a magic sword with stats and art. Since I was brewing a new Dungeon World campaign (more about that later) it sparked my interested and found out it was a part of a Kickstarter campaign. Since we have been occasionally discussing with Aki and Ville about occasionally reviewing Kickstarters I thought this would be a great place to start.

The Kickstarter for deck of magic items isn’t actually anything new. I own a couple of Paizo decks and have even occasionally used them. So I contacted the Trilith Studio to asks about what makes this deck special. They were kind enough to get back to me immediately.

“First of, the art. Our art is hand drawn and digitally color, covers one full side of a card. We also provide the ability and stats.” – Tim, Trilith Studio

Since the art was first thing that caught my eye I can easily agree with him. The full art has an an excellent vibe in it. Even with the rules written for 5th edition D&D it looks right at home with Dungeon World on the table.

Since I haven’t played D&D5 since I had to drop out of the excellent Out of the Abyss-campaign I actually had some concern about the usability of these cards in other games. But once again Tim came to the rescue and offered a deeper insight to the cards. While browsing the cards it came evident that not only are the rules easily used (in most cases as written) in Dungeon World they are written in very interesting manner. For example the magical Kelabow has a magical phrase with a clear effect written in the rules. This kind of attention to detail incorporated with the fact that each item has a flavor text satisfied my inner Vorthos.


Another concern I had about the cards was the “Bling-Duster”. It’s something I would call a “comical sidekick”-card. A fun card. And as people might have very different opinions about what is fun and what is not I feared there might be a lot more of these kinds of cards in the deck. So naturally I had to front Tim for it.

“Only one fun card. de Bling-Duster. Some really love it, some really hate it ;). But like I said before only one card.” – Tim, Trilith Studio

I’m totally ok with the deck having a fun card. I can leave one out but having to drop more (like is the case with the Paizo decks I have) I feel like not getting enough value for my money.

To summarize: I really like this project. The cards look beautiful and I liked the rules. But what’s more I must say that I admired the easiness of communicating with Trilith Studios. My emails were answered almost immediately that really speaks up for the commitment they have for this project.

There are still over two weeks to go and they need more support. You can join in to Loot: A Magic Items Deck.

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