Limited Fun: Bloodfire Enforcers

Admittedly, I haven’t really enjoyed Fate Reforged draft thusfar. Its seems to be too much of a “prince” format, where you need to get that all-important bomb rare in the first pack and as the format seems to be quite slow, you need to draw that rare to win games. Otherwise, you are mostly just sitting there in a board stall.

However, there are high points.

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Fate Reforged Brews, pt. 8 – Return of the Blue Devotion

[scryfall]Cloudform[/scryfall] seems innocuous enough. A 2/2 protected flier for 3. Not really constructed playable, I guess. Unless, of course, you want the devotion. Maybe in some situations, it would be good to have a [scryfall]Master of Waves[/scryfall] with hexproof, although in that case you don’t get the tokens, of course, but if another Master brought in the tokens, this one could keep them alive.

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Fate Reforged Brews, pt. 5 – Monored

Admittedly, [scryfall]Temur Battle Rage[/scryfall] sort of speaks to me, but I don’t think its that good. Especially not for pushing damage through. For that, [scryfall]Titan’s Strength[/scryfall] is going to be better most of the time. Its cheaper and does three fairly reliably. It also works well with [scryfall]Prophetic Flamespeaker[/scryfall]. So, Battle Rage might work as some sort of poor fifth [scryfall]Titan’s Strength[/scryfall], but not much more than that.

I did, however, find some other cards I might be interested in using.

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