My Favorite Theros Cards (Top 10)

Grand Prix Manchester is in two weeks and I’m watching the Pro Tour Journey Into Nyx stream as I’m writing this. These are both Theros Block Constructed events and I’m going to the former. The latter is basically preparation. The decks seem to be all over the place. More three-colored decks than I was expecting, and thus far I haven’t seen any of the Junk Reanimator kind I was expecting.

All this got me thinking: What do I want to play. Not necessarily what’s the best deck, but what do I want to play. After all, the trip is part of my vacation and I intend to have fun. I do need to gather about 150 Planeswalker Points on that trip, but that isn’t very hard.

Therefore, based on my experiences thusfar, from limited, standard, EDH and very limited amount of block constructed, my ten favorite cards from the block.

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