Fate Reforged Brews, pt. 8 – Return of the Blue Devotion

[scryfall]Cloudform[/scryfall] seems innocuous enough. A 2/2 protected flier for 3. Not really constructed playable, I guess. Unless, of course, you want the devotion. Maybe in some situations, it would be good to have a [scryfall]Master of Waves[/scryfall] with hexproof, although in that case you don’t get the tokens, of course, but if another Master brought in the tokens, this one could keep them alive.

4 Triton Shorestalker
4 Hypnotic Siren
4 Vaporkin
4 Welkin Tern
4 Frost Lynx
4 Thassa, God of the Sea
4 Master of Wave
4 Cloudform
4 Encrust
2 Bident of Thassa
22 Island

The curve here is pretty high, which might be problematic, but this is what I’d try first. [scryfall]Encrust[/scryfall] is a good source of devotion, but its problem is that if your opponent is on the back foot, he probably won’t tap creatures to let you get the bonus. Although, if he can’t block any of your creatures anyhow, he might be racing.

Other cards worth trying out: [scryfall]Frost Walker[/scryfall], which has enough power to make up for its fragility, but in a world of tokens, it probably won’t work out.

[scryfall]Quickling[/scryfall] might be a great way to protect your [scryfall]Master of Waves[/scryfall]. Of course, you’ll lose all of your tokens, but you can regain them, so its more of a tempo loss, which might be worth it.

[scryfall]Illusory Angel[/scryfall] has its problems, and would probably require some more 1-drops, but can be extremely powerful.

Depending on the number of creatures in the deck, [scryfall]Military Intelligence[/scryfall] might be a great way to gain card advantage. Might be better than the Bident, but its hard to say. Its cheaper, but its potential is much, much lower. Extra card in the early turns could be decisive though.

This deck could definitely use more evasive 1 or 2 drops, but if this is what we have, it will have to do.

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