Limited Fun: Bloodfire Enforcers

Admittedly, I haven’t really enjoyed Fate Reforged draft thusfar. Its seems to be too much of a “prince” format, where you need to get that all-important bomb rare in the first pack and as the format seems to be quite slow, you need to draw that rare to win games. Otherwise, you are mostly just sitting there in a board stall.

However, there are high points.

Magic is a complex game. Its rules might be on the same level (for most players) then many board games, but with an ever-expanding and -changing card pool with countless possible interactions in each format, the game is very complex. To be very good, you need to remember quite a few cards and you need to figure out the best way to use them and you need to figure when the opponent is merely bluffing them. Of course, you need to think how to answer them as well or play around them, how to best use the resources you have and how best to limit the ones your opponent has.

All this is very taxing. And you can make it even more so by playing cards such as Enforcers.

Supposing you are sitting there, with a few mana open, with sorcery in the bin, and with a [scryfall]Bloodfire Enforcer[/scryfall]. Your opponent is going through his options. What could you possibly have? Is it safe to attack? How many different instants can you cast with that mana? How probable is it that you even have those in your deck? Of course, since you have the Enforcers in your deck, you are more likely to play them as well. Than again, if you have it, why didn’t you play it before?

The questions are endless.

This is actually an old chess trick. The key to playing chess is to make the board just complex enough for your own comfort, but beyond the comprehension of your opponent. So, keep your opponent guessing. Morphs and manifests are in a way even worse, as they could be anything, but the threat of making your 5/2 a trampling first striker at instant speed is so much more tangible that (in my experience) your opponent will be much more willing to let their imagination go wild while going through the possibilities.

Often the combination of Enforcer with [scryfall]Temur Battle Rage[/scryfall] is especially bad. Not necessarily on Enforcer himself, but that works very well too. That makes blocking a real nightmare. I’ve done plenty of damage with this guy.

One thought on “Limited Fun: Bloodfire Enforcers

  1. Patrick Chapin told a story about this card on Limited Resources where someone had used [card]Collateral Damage[/card] to sacrifice a manifested sorcery to get both an instant and a sorcery into their graveyard for this card.

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