EDH Deck Time: Goreclaw

Was there ever a card that was more clearly made for Commander? The latter ability is probably mostly flavor text. I mean, the Trample definitely matters, but the +1/+1 on a bunch of seven-drops doesn’t seem very impressive.

Here’s the thing: The cards very strongly suggests a certain play pattern. You want to play your ramp on turn two, so that you can get Goreclaw down on turn three, after which you can play a seven-drop on turn four. Well, this would be the ideal. The seven-drop part is easy:

Avenger of ZendikarEngulfing SlagwurmGaea’s RevengeGarruk’s HordeGiant Adephage
Hornet QueenMoldgraf MonstrosityRegal ForceSpearbreaker BehemothWorld Breaker

The two-drops that produce mana… a bit harder, but mostly because I don’t want to use the fragile ones, meaning I’ll gladly search for lands and put them on to the battlefield, but I would rather not use mana elves or artifacts to do this, as they have a tendency to die randomly to various effects. On the other hand, they need to live only for a turn here. I did decide to play World Breaker, though, so could definitely use some artifact sources which produce colorless mana.

Rampant GrowthNature’s LoreSakura-Tribe ElderWayfarer’s BaubleMagus of the Library
Mind StoneThought VesselDruid of the CowlLeaf GilderMoss Diamond
Scorned VillagerUlvenwald CaptiveWhisperer of the Wilds

What else? Since Goreclaw is closely related to Temur, let’s put in some of those cards.

Shamanic RevelationHeir of the WildsRoar of ChallengeSavage PunchSee the Unwritten
Temur SabertoothShaman of Forgotten WaysSurrak, the Hunt Caller

Goreclaw might not be exactly a member of the clan, but they do live in the same area.

The final part is a bit risky. I’m going to go for quite a high average CMC. We are basically hoping our commander never leaves the table here. We do want a lot of creatures to play though, so let’s put plenty of them in:

Ant QueenEmperor’s VanguardGreenwarden of MurasaHunted TrollHydra Broodmaster
Hydra OmnivoreNessian Wilds RavagerNylea, God of the HuntOblivion SowerPaleoloth
Polukranos, World EaterPrimordial SageRampaging BalothsRhonas the IndomitableRipjaw Raptor
Soul of New PhyrexiaSoul of the HarvestSteel HellkiteStonehoof ChieftainTerastodon
Ulamog, the Ceaseless HungerUlvenwald ObserverVigorVoid WinnowerVorapede
Whisperwood ElementalWolfbriar ElementalWoodfall PrimusWoodland BellowerYeva, Nature’s Herald

That’s 62 cards, so just cut the two bulky creatures you find most boring and add 40 lands and you’re good to go.

Now, I’m not really advising playing this deck, as it might be kind of simplistic, but if battlecruiser magic with monogreen is your kind of thing, then why not?

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