My Favorite Cards from the Kaladesh Block

This was a tough one. I haven’t played much lately. I only drafted Kaladesh a handful of times and Aether Revolt once. This means these cards don’t resonate with me very strongly, because I haven’t experienced them very much. Another problem is that I just didn’t like Standard during this period, so its hard to have a positive emotional connection to them. While I’m writing this, this feels more like “the cards I hate the least”, but that’s a bit of an exaggeration.

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Kaladesh Brews, pt. 5 – BR Aggro

These days, whenever new cards become available, BR or Rakdos is where my mind goes first, pretty much everytime. Its not generally the best color combination, but admittedly The Joker’s philosophy does have a certain appeal to me in fiction, which this combination embodies in its recklessness.

My favorite card from Battle for Zendikar block was easily [scryfall]Inverter of Truth[/scryfall], no question about it. Its just so weird and hard to use. So, now that the structure of Standard has shifted and [scryfall]Eldrazi Displacer[/scryfall] isn’t as easy to use to kill you, maybe a deck built around it could work.

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Kaladesh Brews, pt. 3 (sort of) – GW Angels

So, one of my favorite cards from Eldritch Moon was always [scryfall]Permeating Mass[/scryfall]. Sure, its difficult to use, but you can’t deny its powerful. Actually very powerful. The problem is that its risky. If the Mass gets going, you’ll just lose all your own creatures as well.

Unless, their somehow protected from it. For example, in my EMN Prerelease deck I had a [scryfall]Permeating Mass[/scryfall] and I played it happily, because I also had [scryfall]Voldaren Pariah[/scryfall] and two [scryfall]Ishkanah, Grafwidow[/scryfall]s, who could do damage without having to enter into combat with all that Mass.

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