Top 5 Lists on MtG

Ripping this off from PV, although I’m not asking any of you for ideas. I’m just listing random stuff that comes to mind while writing this.

Top 5 Demons

Not the best ones, but the ones I like the most. They have interesting designs or great flavor or just tickle me the right way. For some reason, only one of these flies.

5. Demonic Hordes

The original. Sort of. Of course there was also Lord of the Pit, but that seemed too hard to use even in those days.

4. Halo Hunter

The flavor of hunting for angels is nice. This is from Zendikar, so there’s also some strange irony in hunting for something like Emeria Shepherd, when Emeria is actually Emrakul, the Aeons Torn.

3. Sire of Insanity

The Rakdos Recruitment Officer.

2. Abyssal Persecutor

I just like the cost here. A good demon should have some ridiculous cost associated to playing it.

1. Seizan, Perverter of Truth

Look at that snuggly face and those arms designed for hugging. All it wants to do is give you some cards. You can trust that smile, can’t you?

Top 5 RPG Systems I’d Use If I Had to Run a Planeswalker Game Right Now

5. Agon

In this case, the PCs wouldn’t be planeswalkers, but local hero’s of some sort instead

4. Some sort of quickly put together Apocalypse World Hack

It wouldn’t work, but still. AW rocks and I would be willing to try.

3. Planarch Codex

A hack of World of Dungeons, which is a hack of Dungeon World, which is a hack of Apocalypse World. Just exchange the heritage for magic style and maybe give them some extra hold to let them use those power more often.

2. HeroQuest

Its easy enough to adapt anything to this system, Planeswalking mages included.

1. DramaSystem

Published in the Hillfolk book.

Planeswalkers are so close to being omnipotent that its better to just approach an RPG involving them differently and focus on character interactions, with the procedural stuff handled with the excellent, but interchangable, system provided with DramaSystem.

With That in Mind, Top 5 Worlds I’d Use If I Had to Run the Aforementioned Game

5. Original Zendikar

Its quite generic, but still an “adventure world”, with all sorts of mysterious places to discover. The post-Eldrazi Zendikar has its own feel, but it doesn’t interest me as much from an RPG point of view.

4. Kaladesh

Mages are persecuted in this steam punk world, so it would put the PCs into a very precarious position, especially since they don’t necessarily know this beforehand.

3. Innistrad

Basically, a Monster of the Week -type game.

2. Shadowmoor

The darker the better.

1. Theros

Because no explanation required. I mean to the players. Its a mythic Greek world on steroids. Interesting, different and still something everyone has at least a grasp on.

Top 5 Favorite Players

Honorable mention to Andrea Mengucci, who I lost to at GP London, but who was still worried enough for me to come and ask whether I made day two, even though I don’t know him at all.

In general, I don’t think these are the best players, but I like them mostly because of the content they make. There are plenty more, but I had to cut this down to five.

5. Matt Sperling

The ‘Sick of It’ articles are always great and entertaining reads. Sometimes insightful, often just funny.

4. Paulo Vitor Damo Da Rosa

I just like his honesty and his approach to the few years he wasn’t doing very well.

3. Brian Braun-Duin

Actually, the whole SCG Versus Series crew is great (I tend to bookmark a lot of Tom Ross decks, for example), but BBD seems like the most approachable. If I had to let one of those guys into our EDH games, BBD would be it. I don’t know if he’s ever played EDH, but that’s another story.

2. Conley Woods

I don’t watch many streams, but I used to watch Conley’s because he always seems to have fun. I know he’s been somewhat burned out for a while now and has fallen from the train, but I used to love his deck techs and I still read his articles to get his unique insights on strange decks.

1. Frank Karsten

Its the math. I like his approach to the game. Where most people will rely on instinct, experience, or netdecking alone, Karsten tries to find mathematical and statistical models to find the optimal deck. You should all be reading his work.

Top 5 Planeswalkers

Limited to those who have actual cards.

5. Sarkhan

4. Vraska

3. Ashiok

2. Chandra

1. Liliana

With that Said, the Top 5 Characters, Who Should Be the Main Protagonist in the Magic Movie

5. Sarkhan Vol

4. Nissa Revane

3. Elspeth Tirel

2. Gideon Jura

1. Chandra Nalaar

The point being, I don’t want to see Jace starring in something like this, because he’s so bland.

My Top 5 Memorable EDH Plays

5. Any time I play Quicken

4. Hinder into Tunnel Vision

3. That one time none of the players at the table were Standard players and thus didn’t know what Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver‘s ultimate does.

2. Ultimating Liliana Vess on four consecutive turns.

1. All sorts of ramp into Boundless Realms into The Great Aurora, end result pictured here.

Top 5 EDH Commanders I Haven’t Been Able to Play Yet

Having played 80 different Commanders (including three Pauper ones), there’s some that are still waiting their turn. Note that I don’t play red or white in EDH, which limits these quite a bit.

5. Chainer, Dementia Master

Probably because Peetu has a long-standing Chainer-deck and its always a bit awkward to sort of go into someone elses territory.

4. Ghoulcaller Gisa and Stitcher Geralf

I lumped these two together, because they are siblings and because I haven’t taken apart the decks they are in yet.

3. Iname as One

A sort of long-term project. I don’t quite know what to do with this thing, but I would like to do something. Gladly, there’s been more and more spirits as of late.

2. Nebuchadnezzar

This guy felt to me like the most interesting Legend from the originals (meaning the Legends from the actual set, Legends).

1. Liliana, Heretical Healer // Liliana, Defiant Necromancer

As my favorite Planeswalker, I want to do her right and find her a unique and interesting deck. I have the SDCC version of her just for this purpose.

Top 5 One Mana Cantrips in EDH

A lot of blue here, as it should be.

5. Whispers of the Muse

4. Peek and its ilk

3. Visions of Beyond

2. Cremate

1. Quicken

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  1. Where is the updated list on worst commanders in EDH? I still love the fact that Tarland was number one at the same time I had made a deck for him. I still consider him as one of my top favorites.

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