My Favorite Decks from Pro Tour Kaladesh

Interestingly enough, the actual best archetype was blue-white midrangish deck, with a lot of variation, but none of those made the top 8. However, not my favorite style of deck. Neither were many of the other visible decks. However, I did find a few I liked.

Beyond these three, there was a pretty cool looking BR Aggro deck, which employed the great Bloodhall Priest and Monowhite aggro deck which splashed for Scrapheap Scrounger, and some cool variations on these and other themes, but I decided three would suffice. So, here’s the top three decks (in my view) from Pro Tour Kaladesh.

Black-Red Madness by Brandon Ayers (8-2)

Black-Red appeals to me in its reckless abandon. Here I like how the ubiquitous Smuggler’s Copter is employed to the fullest. Synergies all around.

Blue-Red Spells by Pierre Dagen (8-2)

Not sure how the main deck can even win games (mayba Gearhulk beatdowns?), but who cares. its cool.

Red-Green Energy by Shaun McLaren (8-2)

This seems to push into different directions as Tireless Tracker and Lathnu Hellion are from totally different worlds, but apparently it worked and I can’t really doubt McLaren’s chops in deck building.

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