Self-Appointed Flavor Judge: Fun with Devotion

Last time I had a real point about what’s wrong with the design of Sidisi, Brood Tyrant from a flavor point of view, even if it was written very tongue-in-cheek. This time, not so much. Still written tongue-in-cheek, but this time I can’t really fault any one for the possible problems. There’s just too much history to take it all into account. And I like Devotion as a mechanic.

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[Dungeon World] Building Dungeons on the Fly

The first draft of tunnel to the Fernkeep

The first draft of tunnel to the Fernkeep

Forewarning – Though I labeled this post as to be used with Dungeon World it should still be┬ávery suitable for most games.

I’m not exactly sure how Dungeon World wants to approach the subject of dungeons. On the other hand you should “play to find out” and on the other hand the use a ready dungeons seems to be the way to go. As the correct answer of “how I should do it” is always “however you feel most comfortable with” I’d like to discuss the topic of not using pre-made dungeons. Continue reading

Fate Reforged Brew, no. 1

Its kind of early with only two cards available, but each of them is good enough to push certain archetypes. I’m guessing Crux of Fate will be played more, as the UB Control archetype already exists, as well as Mardu Planeswalkers, so there are decks you can easily add it to.

Personally, that’s dull and I’m much more interested in what Yasova Dragonclaw will do to the format.

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Evaluating Card Draw

Back in Alpha, there was a well-known cycle of instants with a casting cost of one and they all gave you three point of something. Healing Salve is much derided (rightly so) as being very weak, while Giant Growth still sees some constructed play when legal in Standard, Dark Ritual is now way too powerful to see its way back into Standard (the effect is now in red, pulled back into sorcery territory and the rate you get is much worse), and Lightning Strike is a cornerstone of the format in both Modern and Legacy. These were all common. And then there was Ancestral Recall. One mana, draw three cards. Jury is still out on whether Recall or the iconic Black Lotus is the most powerful card in the game. Recall was also (rightfully) rare.

Ancestral Recall

Since then drawing spells have been nerfed. Recall just went into every deck that could possibly play it. If a deck couldn’t play it, you were probably doing something wrong. Since then things have become more complicated.

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