My First Legacy Experience

A friend of mine offered to borrow me a deck if I wanted to try out Legacy, so I did. Went pretty well. 3-1. Better than I’ve done in Standard recently (although that’s in part because I’ve been mostly just using decks I haven’t thought of as good enough previously, but decided I wanted to try out anyway before the rotation).

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Häme Medieval Faire

After a couple of years of trying I finally managed to make a short visit to Häme Medieval Faire (held at Hämeenlinna during last August). Since I have no recollection of visiting this event ever before (this might be false since I was born in Hämeenlinna) I had no expectations for the event. And it blew my mind.

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Khans of Tarkir Brews, pt. 6 – A Look at the Future of Some Existing Decks

Plenty of players would like to continue to play their favorite decks from the past. Although many of the big ones will be effectively dead or completely reworked (see previous installments, especially part 5), its worthwhile to take a look at some of them and see what can be done.

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How Many Fetches in a Monocolored Deck?

In sources, such as Chapin’s Next Level Deckbuilding, you can find easy rules of thumb for how you should count things like mana-elves, cantrips, and ramp spells in your deck. Generally those rules are simple, such as they should be counted as a half or a quarter of a land.

Well, since fetches are going to be in Standard again, lets try this out.

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Strongest Writer on the Blog

I’m quite sure that Aki had no intention of ever bringing this up. During this year’s Ropecon we decided to sumo wrestle for the title of the Strongest Writer on the Blog. It might have started out as a minor gag but it turned into an epic battle of mensweat and curses.

At the end of this challenge only one warrior stood on the hot tatami shouting praises to Crom and Thor. Lauri was the champion of this blog.

For your (well, mostly mine) entertainment here is the video of the final match!

(Actually this post serves to notify those interested that I just opened a YouTube account for the blog and thus also happened created a Google+ page for us.)