Khans of Tarkir and Morph

Since I always stay within BUG-colors in EDH, I’m apparently of the clan Sultai.


Since WotC announced Morph is going to be back, and each clan is going to have its own mechanic, I’m pretty sure Morph is going to be my mechanic. I think it would fit this color combination the best, although I could see it as the Jeskai-mechanic (RUW, who apparently admire the cunning of dragons). Although it was not tied to blue in any way during its stay back in the day, it feels very blue to me and these are the two clans that have blue in them.


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Khans of Tarkir: The First Spoiler (and a Couple of Words on Commander 2014)

San Diego ComicCon is going on right now, and (this year) it means a first look at three new products. There was the Commander 2014, including Teferi’s planeswalker version, which carries a line at the end letting you play him as a commander, and several sweepers from the From the Vaults: Annihilation (although no Damnation thusfar, which I would have thought to be a good selling point for the set), and a couple of cards from the next Duel Deck, including this fellow:


Zurgo is also the face for Khans of Tarkir, and included in that set as well.

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Getting Ready for Ropecon 2014

Tomorrow I will get into a car full of nerds and drive from Tampere to Helsinki for Ropecon 2014 (click here for English). Luckily this time we will have air conditioning. Though in my mind Ropecon is the biggest roleplaying convention in Finland there actually is a lot of other stuff going on there too. Panels, dancing, workshops and various other kinds of games fill up the weekend quite nicely.

This is the third time we are participating and the seconded time we are going in as media. Or actually this year we get the marvellous chance to pay for telling people how awesome Ropecon is. No media passes for the Redemund’s Guild this year does not mean that we are pissed (well, actually it does) and it will not influence our reporting (at least hopefully it will not).

Aki will be running some games (Hillfolk and tremulus) and I will be running from a game to game with my camera. So you can expect photos as well as blogging – hopefully at least some from the premises.

I actually even started a new Instagram account for our Guild. You can follow it HERE to see what is going on. Galleries will follow as soon as I get them edited. So I you have met me during the event I have handed you a calling card directing you here – the pictures will come sooner or later.

As a disclaimer I will add that if you see a picture of yourself and you do not wish it to be visible please contact me and I’ll remove it immediately. I will ask permission for posting the pictures in person but sometimes there can be a mixup. If you want a picture in larger quality for yourself, feel free to ask me for it.

Hopefully everyone will have good time at Ropecon!

Note: If you are coming to Ropecon drop us a comment and we will glad to introduce you to the event and help you in (mostly) any way.

Burn! Creating characters in Burning Wheel

I’m about to fulfil a longtime dream and run a few session of Burning Wheel—more, if it fits the group. We created two characters (one players couldn’t make it to the session, but knew the rudiments of world I’d suggested so everyone was okay with it), which was fun, but quite daunting to me as the GM. Luckily, the game is wonderfully helpful for both the players and the GM. Continue reading

A Wayward Son: The Dramatic Arc of One Player Character

I don’t normally like to write about my characters, because its hard to know what will be interesting to other people, because I clearly have a strong bias. I asked for subjects to write about in this blog, and Lauri suggested talking about this character. He too, as the GM, has a bias, but I’m guessing his bias is not nearly as strong as mine, so I’m assuming there’s something about this character that’s interesting to others.

Whatever the reasons, I’ll try to use this as a case study of sorts.

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Very Basics of Deckbuilding

There’s plenty of daily strategy content on the Mothership, Star City Games, Channel Fireball, and other places. However, those are targeted at people, who are generally not that interested in deckbuilding, and who are fairly familiar with the game. Here I’m going for the beginner audience.

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[Dungeon World] Creating Fronts

use-with-dw-OnLightAs Tonpa asked it we deliver it. This time I’m going to discuss about creating fronts for Dungeon World (and at the same time tackle a bit the question about building on the first session). I may need to add that while I have been running AWengine games for a year I have not ran Dungeon World as a campaign previously. So what follows is strictly my personal feelings and experiences of how it can be done. I think I must also add that while I talk about our current campaign I make only vague references to actual game play as we have had only three sessions thus far. And I know that at least Aki might be reading this and I really do not want to give him any hard pointers.

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