Return to Bretonnia, or Rekindling Old Flames?

IMG_1229Last Wednesday we started a campaign that I would have never dreamed that would actually happen – we’ll return to the world of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying game. Once upon a time at 2006 we started a campaign using the second edition of the said rpg and from that gaming group grew our current community of almost 50 active members.

The GM for this new campaign will be one of the players of that original group; Santtu has been planing for this campaign for almost all of this time and I’ve been eagerly waiting for it. I think that the character I created last week might actually be third one created for this particular game. Not to hex it or anything but we are supposed to get the game going on this Friday.

Why should this all be of any interest to others? As it turns out getting together with “old love” might be as problematic in roleplaying games than in real life.

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Magic Origins Brews, pt. 3 – Nissa

We don’t have decent scans of Nissa yet, so here’s the gist: She’s basically a worse version of Civic Wayfinder (less usable creature class types and can only find forests), but if you have seven lands in play, she flips. The planeswalker version reveals cards of the top of your library. If its a land, you get to play it immediately, otherwise you put it into your hand. The -2 ability produces a legendary 4/4 elemental and the ultimate ability makes six of your lands 6/6 elemental creatures.

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