Season of the Witch, Part 5

It is quite remarkable how a few random words can make a big difference. I though I was having great time yesterday while playing Eldritch Sigils but once we were leaving Mikko‘s place after the game one of the players said something that not only made my day but also made me think (again) about how and why we play. It wasn’t a big thing at all – he just said: “I didn’t remember to mark down my exp.”

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How to Build a Deck

A month of so back I lamented on how people don’t really design decks anymore, so I guess I have to do it myself.

Of course, I’m not a real expert on the subject, but I do have some experience on. Furthermore, I am quite experienced in the field of software development and teaching. These two disciplines are actually quite similar and use a lot of the same principles.

I’ll be using an example of current standard, which might not be very timeless, but it is a way to showcase the process (or at least a process, because there are obviously many ways to do stthis).

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New Games by Guild Redemund

kiltamerkki_peleihinI’m cheating with the topic but at least you are reading still, right? These games are not “new” per se but hacks and adventures. There is our newest collaborative Fiasco playset, an agnostic fantasy adventure (though it does have Dungeon World threat sheet) and a game that is built on Matthijs Holter‘s Archipelago.

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Building My Own Cube, pt. 1 – Themes

Admittedly I haven’t played cube much, but the ones I have played have two attributes I don’t like very much: They are incredibly expensive, even if you don’t take into account all the foiling and other hard to find versions, and they focus too much on powerful cards and synergies instead of interesting strategies or interactions.

Now, I haven’t really build a cube before, so I’m clearly out of my depth, but gladly, I have Dunning-Kruger-effect on my side (meaning I don’t know enough on the subject to know what I don’t know, so I can walk into this confidently and without fear). Hopefully, when I finally get this done I have learned much in the process and can teach you something as well. Learning together, yey.

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Moral Balancing in RPGs

There’s two concepts of moral balancing. The philosophers of antiquity would talk about it in the context of finding a good balance between being too radical and being too normal. The psychologists of today talk about it in the context of how we have a tendency to give ourselves permission to be bad, if we feel we have been good.

Although, the former would make a good subject in itself, I’m talking about the latter here.

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