Alice Guy, Or How Little I Know About Movies

One of the greatest things about being a movie fan is discovery. There are various estimates, but I guess the figure of around half a million features in existence already tells you quite a bit about how deep you can go and never find the bottom. It’s like the oceans. They are less mapped than the moon.

But every once in a while, you come across something that’s upsetting. Not like a snuff film or anything like that (that’s a whole different issue), but just something about the history of movies that just feels wrong. In this case the omission of Alice Guy.

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EDH Deck Time: Brokkos

Recently I returned to the actual world of Commander after a hiatus of couple of years. After such a long time, what do you play? It’s sort of a special occasion and I also knew I wouldn’t be playing any more actively in the near future, so I knew I had to do something I would find especially enjoyable.

So, I went top-down. Well, most Commander decks are very much top-down with either the Commander itself or a tribal theme or something to similar to work down from. However, I decided to use a theme very specific to me: The art on my walls.

Liliana, the Last HopeFathom FeederVraska, Relic Seeker

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Creativity and Sources of Inspiration in RPGs (Blades in the Dark)

There’s a MtG-related Discord server, which happens to also have a channel for tabletop RPGs. It isn’t very active, but someone noted that Blades in the Dark was available in a bundle of some sort, so that sparked a little bit of discussion, as I claimed that because of how the game approaches the role of players, it’s actually easier to run than D&D, because there is not a lot of planning needed. Someone disagreed, so, as Ryan Hollinger would say, let’s talk about it. (Have I already used this somewhere? Not sure.)

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