Testauksessa: Arboretum

Nätti korttipeli, jossa on 80 korttia: 10 puulajia, jokaisesta kahdeksan korttia numeroituna ykkösestä kasiin. Jokaisella vuorolla nostetaan kaksi korttia joko yhteisen nostopakan päältä, tai sitten jonkun pelaajan poistopakasta, jossa kortit ovat kuvapuoli ylöspäin. Yksi kortti isketään pöytään, toinen omaan poistopinoon. Kädessä on lopuksi kahdeksan korttia.

Pöydällä olevista korteista pyritään muodostamaan pelaajakohtainen verkosto, jossa ortogonaalisesti voi jäljittää puiden polkuja kasvavassa numerojärjestyksessä. Samanlajisen puun pienin ja suurin kortti määrittävät sen lajin polun. Jokaisesta polulla olevasta kortista saa pisteen – tuplapisteet, jos polulla kaikki ovat samaa lajia. +1 piste, mikäli polku alkaa ykkösestä, +2 mikäli se loppuu kahdeksikkoon.

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Testauksessa: Kemet

Sotaisaa menoa muinaisegyptissä!

Pelaajien korteilla on jumalat eli pitäisikö siitä päätellä, että eri kultistit palvovat omia jumaliaan ja yrittävät saada toisiaan päiviltä. Vallataan temppeleitä, manataan pöytään hienosti figutettuja hirviöitä (jättikärme, skarabee, sfinksi, jne.).

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Old School World: Our First Session of The Black Hack

It had been some time since I’d last got to be a GM. After resolving a few challenging IRL random encounters, I was ready to step into the ring again and return to gamemastering withThe Black Hack, that made such a great impression on me upon reading it. My guild brother Harri had kindly printed out and bound a copy for me.

I felt the game would lend itself well to a First Session in the vein of Apocalypse World and its ilk. All the four character classes have a small table for some colorful items, and the players create a single, one-or-so sentence Background for their character which lets them participate in the worldbuilding, as well. My idea was to let the players make their characters and ask some more or less provocative questions from them, and use those as my main springboard for the world.

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Visiting the Beyond

In our current season of Eldritch Sigils the investigators finally made a premeditated choice to breach the Veil and step to another dimension. We have been playing this campaign since 2011 (or 2010?) and this was the first time the players weren’t forced to do it. And that got me thinking about different dimensions and how to present them.

I have discussed travelling through time in an earlier post from 2015 and while time is a dimension itself and many of those same ideas could have been used I wanted something different.

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AOS Skirmish: CoralHammer, part 1

Having played Age of Sigmar about a year now I decided it was time to write something about it here. And since my latest project is a skirmish environment I’m writing about that.

As with the basic rules of AOS the rules for Skirmish aren’t too burdensome. In fact there are only a handful of rules in addition to the basics of the game. The latest iteration of these rules were published in the January and February issues of White Dwarf 2019. The latest news about Age of Sigmar seem to indicate that there will be a more fleshed out version for skirmish style of game coming this year but currently I will be playing with the rules given in the mentioned issues of White Dwarf.

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Trying Out: Keyforge

Keyforge is a card game that came out at the end of 2018. It is designed by Richard Garfield and published by Fantasy Flight Games. The core idea of the game is to gather enough resources (aember) to get three points (keys) to win the game. The gimmick of the game is that it only comes in pre-built decks that are all unique and cannot be altered. I tried out Keyforge a couple of weeks ago and in summary I kind of liked it but it clearly is not for me.

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Ravnica Allegiance Brews, pt. 5 – Monoblack

Historically, my favorite archetype in constructed has been disruptive aggro or – the less politically correct – suicide black. The idea is that you don’t care about your life, as long as the opponent is losing more. Sadly, we don’t have Flesh Reaver and Carnophage or even Thoughtseize and Herald of Torment, so I guess we have to settle for not killing ourselves that fast. Sigh.

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