Building My Own Cube, pt. 11 – Kruphix

Kruphix, God of Horizons

What to do with this? There aren’t too many worthwhile X-spells in these colors. Some card draw, sure, and hydras, but putting 21 X-spells into the cube seems like an awful idea. So, I’m going to just put fun cards here. And UG does have some of the best of those.

Since I don’t have any real theme here, I’ll go with morph, since I like that theme very much after playing plenty of Khans draft.

Kruphix’s Two-Colored Cards

Unexpected Results is best of the best, when it comes to fun.

Urban Evolution isn’t fun in the same manner, but it is good.

Species Gorger is one of those cards with downside, you can “cheat” into being good.

Sagu Mauler and Icefeather Aven go well with the morph theme.

Nimbus Swimmer would be nice, but its also quite boring.

Plasm Capture could actually be a card that has good synergy with Kruphix. At least a little bit.

If mana burn rule wasn’t lifted (and its a good thing it was), Pygmy Hippo would be fun.

Sharless Agent would be great, but well above budget restrictions.

Unexpected ResultsSagu MaulerIcefeather AvenPlasm CaptureSpecies Gorger


Morphs: Pine Walker and Hooded Hydra, the latter of which is both a morph and a great manasink.

Some X-spells:

Enshrined Memories seems legit.

Genesis Hydra, Wildcall and Vastwood Hydra fill that quota as well.

I like green card draw more than blue (which is often pretty meh), so I’ll put a couple of those here: Hunter’s Prowess and Soul’s Majesty.

Pine WalkerHooded HydraEnshrined MemoriesGenesis HydraWildcall
Vastwood HydraHunter’s ProwessSoul’s Majesty


Morphs: Fathom Seer, Kheru Spellsnatcher, Mischievous Quanar, Mistfire Weaver, Stratus Dancer and Unblinkin Bleb. Well, that’s six. Seems pretty good.

I’ll put Laboratory Maniac here as well, because why not? Since we also need some card draw with that, I’ll put in Breakthrough, because I find it interesting.

Fathom SeerKheru SpellsnatcherMischievous QuanarMistfire WeaverStratus Dancer
Unblinking BlebLaboratory ManiacBreakthrough

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