Building My Own Cube, pt. 11 – Kruphix

[draft]Kruphix, God of Horizons[/draft]

What to do with this? There aren’t too many worthwhile X-spells in these colors. Some card draw, sure, and hydras, but putting 21 X-spells into the cube seems like an awful idea. So, I’m going to just put fun cards here. And UG does have some of the best of those.

Since I don’t have any real theme here, I’ll go with morph, since I like that theme very much after playing plenty of Khans draft.

Kruphix’s Two-Colored Cards

[card]Unexpected Results[/card] is best of the best, when it comes to fun.

[card]Urban Evolution[/card] isn’t fun in the same manner, but it is good.

[card]Species Gorger[/card] is one of those cards with downside, you can “cheat” into being good.

[card]Sagu Mauler[/card] and [card]Icefeather Aven[/card] go well with the morph theme.

[card]Nimbus Swimmer[/card] would be nice, but its also quite boring.

[card]Plasm Capture[/card] could actually be a card that has good synergy with Kruphix. At least a little bit.

If mana burn rule wasn’t lifted (and its a good thing it was), [card]Pygmy Hippo[/card] would be fun.

[card]Sharless Agent[/card] would be great, but well above budget restrictions.

[draft]Unexpected Results
Sagu Mauler
Icefeather Aven
Plasm Capture
Species Gorger[/draft]


Morphs: [card]Pine Walker[/card] and [card]Hooded Hydra[/card], the latter of which is both a morph and a great manasink.

Some X-spells:

[card]Enshrined Memories[/card] seems legit.

[card]Genesis Hydra[/card], [card]Wildcall[/card] and [card]Vastwood Hydra[/card] fill that quota as well.

I like green card draw more than blue (which is often pretty meh), so I’ll put a couple of those here: [card]Hunter’s Prowess[/card] and [card]Soul’s Majesty[/card].

[draft]Pine Walker
Hooded Hydra
Enshrined Memories
Genesis Hydra
Vastwood Hydra
Hunter’s Prowess
Soul’s Majesty[/draft]


Morphs: [card]Fathom Seer[/card], [card]Kheru Spellsnatcher[/card], [card]Mischievous Quanar[/card], [card]Mistfire Weaver[/card], [card]Stratus Dancer[/card] and [card]Unblinkin Bleb[/card]. Well, that’s six. Seems pretty good.

I’ll put [card]Laboratory Maniac[/card] here as well, because why not? Since we also need some card draw with that, I’ll put in [card]Breakthrough[/card], because I find it interesting.

[draft]Fathom Seer
Kheru Spellsnatcher
Mischievous Quanar
Mistfire Weaver
Stratus Dancer
Unblinking Bleb
Laboratory Maniac

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