Sylvan World #1

use-with-dw-OnLightTwo years ago I ran my first Dungeon World-campaign and it was fun. But thinking back to it I might have not been familiar enough with the AWengine to make it the most memorable. I liked the basic idea in it though – it was a world entirely covered in forest.

This idea did not come up that too often in the few games we played. So when I started thinking about running a new campaign I realised I wasn’t done with that world. So last Saturday I got a new group together and started a new campaign with my favourite fantasy system. And this time we tried out it with Funnel World. Continue reading

Love in Innsmouth

Archipelago 3 by Matthjis Holter has become my “go to” game for oneshots. I might have only written one game for it (as it is) but when I get an idea for a story that might work as a game it is usually the first one to pop up in my mind.

Today I was thinking about a Solstice scenario and while listening to H.P.Lovecraft’s Historical Society’s excellent albums I began to wonder how could I capture the feeling of Shadow of Innsmouth in a way that all players could enjoy it. Aaaaaaand I was quite quickly thinking it in an Archipelago way.

I might not be able to write it all but here is the quicky summary (a draft at best) for “Love in Innsmouth” (or something).

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X-Ray Down

IMG_8851Our gaming Guild apparently now has something of a regular random gaming night at the beginning of each month. This time it was my turn to be the GM (actually I just announced that I wanted to) and my weapon of choice was The Regiment by John Harper. As we had had some experience with the Apocalypse World hack I decided that this time I would tackle one of my RPG goals – running a game of X-COM.

For this particular session I decided to do a little something extra and went through the playbook templates for The Regiment – Colonial Marines (they were provided by Harper at the AWforum) changing most of the names to correspond the newest instalment of the X-COM franchise. While doing this I ended up into the deep end and found myself hacking the whole hack to suit my needs. Continue reading

Ropecon 2014: Friday (by Lauri)

This years Ropecon was got pretty close to turn into a total booze fest (again) when the game I had been waiting for did not show up in the signing tables… This happened last year and I went on a bender for the heck of it but luckily the GM was just running late. As the Friday went by I got to take a lot of pictures play two games and wander around the premises. It was a great way to start the weekend!

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Got My Plaque for Winning the Scenario Contest Today

As I wasn’t at the ceremony, it took a bit of wrangling to find someone who was going to be there, which in turn lead to me not getting this until today.


On the right, you have the fuzzy dice given to me by Lauri on behalf of the Guild for winning.

BTW, I don’t know if the scenario is available on the RopeCon site yet, but its available here both in Finnish and English. The latter has not been proof-read, but it shouldn’t have any major problems. You can also find both under the Resources on top of the page.

Elämäni supersankarina

My Life as a Superhero

I’ll be back later to discuss the whole thing in length.

RopeCon 2014 Scenario Competition Idea (Abandoned)

I’ve been thinking about the competition. I had this idea, which I can’t seem to shake, but also, I can’t really get over some humps, so I have to get it out of my head, because I don’t think this is a viable idea for the competition (and couldn’t use it anymore, as I’ve basically published it now). The best way to get it out of my mind is to write about it. Then I’ve processed it and can move on to a (hopefully) better idea.

The idea: Courtroom drama.

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