Eldritch Moon Brews, pt. 4 – Big White

Seems to me, thusfar, white has gotten the best tools out of Eldritch Moon, which is a bit problematic, since it was already such a good color in Standard. There isn’t even much rotating out, when Kaladesh comes in. So, I thought why even play other colors? There were actually a couple of fairly well performing Big White decks early in the format, but they fell on the wayside for whatever reason. Still, the bomb contingency in this set is so good, I think this is something one might try… Is this going to be the most expensive monocolored deck in Standard ever?


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Shadows over Innistrad Brews, pt. 7 – Almost Monowhite Humans

About a month back I played an almost monowhite deck in PPTQ. I lost in the semifinal. And this wasn’t some highly tuned list. It was just something I threw together the night before (although, I did have help). The thing is, most of the deck survives the rotation. It only loses the fetches, [scryfall]Disdainful Stroke[/scryfall] and [scryfall]Valorous Stance[/scryfall]. Important cards, yes, but not irreplaceable.

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