Magic Origins Brews, pt. 4 – Gideon (or Kytheon)

Although the format is currently designed to be midrange heavy, there’s probably room for a very fast deck. How many 2/1 for one are there right now? Quite a few.


Supposing we want to be an ultra fast white deck that goes wide, we can use all the one drops available to us:

Sadly, that’s all the one-drops worth their salt. I guess 23 is enough. Some sort of Anthem effect would probably be nice. Spear of Heliod comes to mind as not all of these share a creature type (so Obelisk of Urd is out of the question).

If you want to get Gideon going even faster, you can always bring in red for Monastery Swiftspear and Lightning Berserker, although latter won’t be very good in a two-colored deck.

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