Shadows over Innistrad Brews, pt. 11 – BR Midrange

This is pretty hard to brew, because this isn’t really a proactive deck. Reactive decks are always harder in the beginning of the format, when you don’t really know what you are reacting to. Also, design has moved into a direction where creatures often still have value even if killed immediately and there are good ways for midrange decks to gain card advantage in grindy matchups.

To me, this doesn’t need to change very much from earlier decks. There should still be [scryfall]Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet[/scryfall] and [scryfall]Goblin Dark-Dwellers[/scryfall] in the center, with [scryfall]Chandra, Flamecaller[/scryfall] to bring it all together. Not having a good removal spell that takes care of any card is pretty bad, so this might not work out at all. Cards like [scryfall]Dragonlord Silumgar[/scryfall] are going to problematic (actually, for quite a few decks), so cards like [scryfall]Tears of Valakut[/scryfall] in the sideboard will be quite important.

3 Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet
4 Goblin Dark-Dwellers
4 Sin Prodder
1 Dragonlord Kolaghan
4 Fiery Impulse
4 Ultimate Price
4 Grap of Darkness
4 Read the Bones
2 Duress
2 Kolaghan’s Command
2 Chandra, Flamecaller
4 Smoldering Marsh
4 Foreboding Ruins
2 Westvale Abbey
4 Cinder Barrens
6 Swamp
6 Mountain

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