My Favorite Decks from Pro Tour Magic Origins

Wow, I expected red, but not this much of it. I like how [scryfall]Abbot of Keral Keep[/scryfall] really had a good outing. Its not [scryfall]Snapcaster Mage[/scryfall], but the fact that its in the same conversation should be a pretty good hint that you should be playing this card.

Gladly, I bought mine when they didn’t have any value…

Anyhow, here’s some other decks I liked. I’m going to keep away from the top 8 decks. Everyone has seen those and there’s some depth in there…

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Magic Origins Thoughts on Standard

I guess I’m done brewing for now (probably not really), and I’d just like to share my thoughts on some (actually quite a few) cards I think might have an impact on standard that I find interesting for various reasons. I’ll try not to overlap too much with my previous brew articles, though, and I’m going to emphasize cards that might have an impact here rather than outright very powerful cards.

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