Self-Appointed Flavor Judge: Magic Origins Early Decisions

I’ll gladly tackle any issues raised by others, but here are some that need to deliberated early on.

I’m not going to touch the very obvious wins, such as the planeswalkers here. That’s just unneeded.


This is a bit problematic. Is it supposed to be someone who oppresses the player, keeping him or her below the spell mastery level? If this is the idea, its a masterpiece. If not, than its a fail.

I guess I should read the Jace story to know. I know the idea behind the Rings is that they are used by the elite of Vryn to harvest all the mana on the plane for their own use. Such an elite would definitely work to keep the other mages of the plane down. For now, I’m going to rule this a win. I am ready to reopen this if needed.


Again, problematic. The flavor is there: The elves of Lorwyn are very racist and pretty much despise every other being. In Lorwyn, there’s two cards that capture this well: [scryfall]Hunter of Eyeblights[/scryfall] and [scryfall]Eyeblight’s Ending[/scryfall]. When they call non-elves Eyeblights, you know there’s some hatred there, so its not out there to assume the Winnower would go after non-elves.

However, the very cool other restriction is strange. Okay, they dislike against non-symmetry is maybe a good idea, but than again, this guy doesn’t live up to this ideal either. Is this intentional? Is the point here that the Winnower itself is a hypocrite? If so, this is a win.


I like the way Thopters are used in this set. They aren’t only 1/1 creatures with flying, but apparently they have plenty of other uses and those uses aren’t limited to dealing damage (like Chandra’s parents are doing). Instead, they can be used to gather information and this is handled nicely. The rogue can use them to avoid officials and the officials can use them to be ready for anything (by drawing more cards). A definite win.

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