Popular Cards in Magic Origins

Well, this is interesting.

MagicCardMarket.eu provides a search option, which lets you order the results by popularity… and I wasn’t quite expecting these results when going through Magic Origins cards.

(click to go to Imgur to see a bigger version)

Of course, you shouldn’t expect these to be the cards to have the biggest Standard splash or anything like that. These are just cards that have sold well. There are various reasons for this besides constructed playability, but you should also remember that at this point mostly only standard players are ordering cards. Others are willing to wait for the prices to come down a little. Many active standard players might not want to buy the expensive cards immediately, because often cards are misjudged early and you don’t want to buy [scryfall]Prophetic Flamespeaker[/scryfall] for ten euros just to see that it can’t really hold its own in the format.

Also, since this is just the number of sales, Mythics are going to be available in smaller numbers and can’t necessarily compete with cards of lower rarity.

That being said, there seems to be plenty of people who are anxiously awaiting for Elves to return. There’s three Elves on the list I presented. Couple of them might even be making a splash in older formats. Not sure of this, but they might.

Blue devotion seems to be coming back for a stint, as expected. [scryfall]Harbinger of the Tides[/scryfall] is going to be very strong in that.

[scryfall]Mizzium Meddler[/scryfall] is a bit of mystery. Why buy it now for a pretty steep price, when its going to be widely available soon enough as one of the promos? I’m not even sure its going to be very good.

[scryfall]Hangarback Walker[/scryfall] is interesting, or am I not seeing some eternal format use? I think a blue-red artifacts could be a real thing now, because it was somewhat supported in M15 as well.

[scryfall]Managorger Hydra[/scryfall] will be a sort of plan B in a Heroic deck, or maybe even plan A in some versions. I can grow quite quickly, when you are casting plenty of cheap spells each turn.

[scryfall]Hallowed Moonlight[/scryfall] definitely has a place in the older formats. Especially now that Grishoalbrand is so popular.

All in all, this is a pretty nice alternate view on what people want from this set. The difference between this list and what’s openly discussed by pros seems interesting to me.

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