My Favorite Decks from Pro Tour Magic Origins

Wow, I expected red, but not this much of it. I like how Abbot of Keral Keep really had a good outing. Its not Snapcaster Mage, but the fact that its in the same conversation should be a pretty good hint that you should be playing this card.

Gladly, I bought mine when they didn’t have any value…

Anyhow, here’s some other decks I liked. I’m going to keep away from the top 8 decks. Everyone has seen those and there’s some depth in there…

Of course, aggro being quite relative in an environment where Red Deck Wins and U/R Artifacts start hitting very hard from the second turn onwards. Still, a tight curve is a sign of wanting to put your mana to good use, every turn. It does have quite a few comes-into-play-tapped lands, which does probably slow it down, but potential second turn Savage Knuckleblade is still pretty good against the deck relying on Monastery Mentor

Didn’t think Silkwrap would make it here, but then again, why not? I would have liked to see this in action a little bit more.

This one is probably my favorite. Look for a creature with delve and get it quickly into play. Most of the creatures are big enough to live through the Languish and it also features the great, but forgotten Reaper of the Wilds, a card I definitely have fondness for.

I worked on something similar before Origins. Never could get it to work, but I’m still fond of the color combination and many of the cards here. The curve is pretty bad, but the its probably worth it to get the most out of the Companies.

This one should get some kind of a reward for using the most cards not on anyone’s radar (except mine, but even though I’ve considered or played pretty much every card on this list, even I didn’t think to put them together). I mean look at that creature base. Sure, Hangarback Walker was one of the breakout cards from the set, but this is a pretty unique way to utilize it. Ah, the synergies…

Well, if you don’t see from the list why this particular deck made it here, you didn’t pay attention.

There was actually another deck playing Demonic Pact, but Antonio del Moral Leon didn’t do well enough to get his list published, so I couldn’t get it. It cut the blue and its main way of getting rid of the Pact before losing to it was Woodland Bellower into Invasive Species.

GP London is in less than two weeks, so here’s some good alternate options, if you’re looking to go deeper than the obvious.

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