Outlaws of Thunder Junction’s Big Score Is Kind of Embarrassing

What is Big Score? A year ago, they tried the Aftermath. It was a small set of 50 cards that was sold in booster packs of 4. However, those packs were priced similarly to regular packs. Of course, the consumers are not stupid and there was an immediate backlash. So, they decided to scrap the similar product that was planned for this year and 30 of those cards were rolled into Outlaws of Thunder Junction.

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Parhaat Cineast-elokuvat

Okei, olin jossain vaiheessa todella innoissani Kirjastokinosta, koska se oli ilmainen. Siellä oli joitain elokuvia, jotka olivat hankalia hankkia muuta kautta, mutta yleisesti ottaen se tuntui palvelulta, jota joku ylläpiti vaan voidakseen “fill the assignment”. Siellä oli paljon roskaa. Silti, se oli ilmainen ja siksi olin vähän pettynyt, kun se lähti.

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Let’s Take a Look at the Positive Effects of Plagiarism and You(Tube)

You know the hbomberguy video about plagiarism that destroyed at least one career? I’ll let others talk about that, while I’ll go directly to the end. There’s a section there, where Harris talks about other queer content creators, who he recommends as alternatives to James Somerton. He also gathered these and more in a playlist called Your New Favorite YouTubers. Who knows? They very well might be, although there’s a bunch of people you already probably know.

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My Top 10 Favorite Uses of Diegetic Needledrops

What is diegetic music? That’s music that’s happening within the movie. Like John Cusack’s character bringing a boombox to play In Your Eyes in Say Anything…

What is a needledrop? That’s when the moviemaker tries to elicit a reaction from the audience by using an existing song within a movie.

Sometimes these are combined, like in these ten great examples.

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My Top 10 Favorite Movie Endings

Endings are hard. Even many great movies miss with their ending, especially if they aim for the kind of feelgood ending that the filmmakers sometimes seem to feel let’s them off the hook with the rest of the movie, as long as the ending makes people feel like the movie was worth seeing when the rest of the movie wasn’t working. Hell, even the best movie of all time has the main character just sitting there for six minutes (it’s actually a great ending, but out of context sounds awful.)

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